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BabyMind Project

Mimicking infant baby’s development

BabyMind is a research project which aims to build infant-mimicking neuro-cognitive AI technologies.
The project consists of four sub-teams that are responsible for knowledge integration, vision-audio, language-emotion, and robot-behavior.
The goal of the project is to make the program work in a reality-based virtual environment.

Human-Level Artificial Intelligence

While AI should work similar to the human brain,
the current state of AI technologies shows little resemblance to human brains and cognitive patterns.
BabyMind aims to develop AI that truly resembles the human brain and is capable of functioning in the real world.

  • BabyMind
  • Professor LEE Kyogu (Dept. of Intelligence System)
    introduces BabyMind Project. (Korean)

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  • Participating Researchers
  • Eon-Suk Ko (Chosun University), Nojun Kwak (SNU), H. Jin Kim(SNU), Frank Chongwoo Park (SNU), Hyun Oh Song (SNU),
    Hyungbo Shim (SNU), Woo-Young Ahn (SNU), Songjoo Oh (SNU), Choong-Wan Woo (SKKU), Kyogu Lee (SNU), Youngki Lee (SNU)