Director’s Message | 서울대학교AI연구원(AIIS)

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Director’s Message

  • AIIS: AI Institute of Seoul National University

  • AIIS is an intercollegiate institution of Seoul National University,
    committed to integrate and support AI related research at Seoul National University.
    First established in 2019, there are currently about 300 faculty members affiliated and involved with AIIS.

  • Zhang Byung-Tak, PhD
  • Founding Director of AI Institute of Seoul National University (AIIS)
    Professor of Computer Science Engineering
    Seoul National University
  • Director Zhang’s website
  • AI, Beyond Machine- to Human-Level

    The ultimate goal of AI technology is to make a machine that both thinks and acts like a human.
    With this goal in mind, AIIS strives to conduct AI research at the highest level.

  • AI, Beyond Virtual to Real

    AlphaGo, which amazed the world years ago functioned only in a highly structured visual world.
    The vision of AIIS is to build next generation AI that can work in the unpredictably complicated real world.

  • AI, Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries

    We believe AI technology can bring changes in every field of academia.
    As a central research institution in Korea’s most prestigious research university, AIIS conducts research beyond disciplinary boundaries.