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Center for Industry Collaboration

AIIS has established the CIC in January 2021, with the purpose of
accelerating efficient and effective R&D with industry.

CIC is the communication channel between SNU’s AI experts and the industry.

  • Companies in need of AI-powered digital transformation

  • Companies in desire of excelling in AI fields

  • Start-ups who jump into market with AI technology

  • Bring
  • AIIS


  • Provide
  • AI researchers at SNU (300 faculty +2,000 research fellows)

  • Specialists in core AI fields who can provide solutions to AI problems

  • Scholars in diverse X+AI areas who can support digital transformation

  • CIC Director
  • Professor Ham Jongmin

  • Professor Ham has 30 years+ experiences in the IT industry. He has served as executive vice president at Naver, Samsung, and LG. Before joining AIIS, Ham was the Vice President of AIRI (AI Research Institute).

    He had served as the Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) at NAVER, UX Director at the Media Solution Center (MSC) of Samsung Electronics, and CTO of LG Fashion. Ham’s built-up knowledge as a business leader is the asset of AIIS CIC.

Industry Collaborations
- AIIS Membership

SNU AI Institute offers the Membership Program to the industry
to have more efficient and effective R&D with SNU AI researchers.

AIIS Membership

“This program is an opportunity for both academia and industry.
AIIS researchers get a chance to tackle real world problems,
and the industry members have their most challenging AI problems solved in a creative way.”

  • Define the problem

Focus Group
  • Communication Channel

Center for Industry Collaboration
  • Recruit emerging AI talents

Tech Talk
  • Build networks

Vision Talk
Membership Program

Focus Group Discussion

  • Member Companies
  • Suggest
    real-world problems

  • Organize Focus Group
    Discussionswith SNU faculty

  • Result
  • Problem defined and
    solving plan established

  • Member companies can bring their real-world problems, and AIIS CIC organize a faculty group who will join focus sessions on it. The sessions can be continued for weeks or months to define the problem and find the solution plan.

Membership Program

AIIS Retreat

2 days and 1 night academic / social program for university-industry (members exclusive)
Share SNU’s recent research in academic conference setting and meet the emerging AI talents face-to-face

  • AIIS Retreat

  • Play Video
  • Invite member

  • Share recent
    AI research

  • Social events with
    young researchers

Membership Program

Vision Talk & Tech Talk

  • Program
  • Vision Talk

  • Share your company’s AI vision

  • With target-audiences at SNU

Vision Talk is an opportunity to communicate with SNU researchers and persuade talented AI students to join your company.

  • Program
  • Tech Talk

  • Small seminar given in member companies

  • On the topics that member companies are interested

Tech Talk is a visiting seminar given by SNU AI researchers. Member companies can choose interested topics or groups.

AIIS Members’ Review

  • " Our service is highly popular in the Middle East and Europe, but not in Korea, which caused a serious breach in our recruitment plan. We joined the AIIS Retreat and could hire dozens of highly-performing AI engineers who are ready to take the risk of working at a startup company. "

  • - HyperConnect

  • " As the largest portal business, we are committed to building the Korean-version AI language model. AIIS organized the a Focus Group Discussions customized for the topic, and we could have a semester-long discussion series with experts in NLP. "

  • - Naver

  • " We are tackling the digital transformation of the entire company group. We had to start with brainstorming and after several sessions of discussions and consulting, we’ve narrowed down our problem and reached a point of problem definition. "

  • - LG AI Research






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