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Recognized Donors

우리나라 AI 기술의 발전인재양성을 위하여
서울대학교와 AI 연구원에 기부해 주신 분들의 뜻을 기립니다.

KIM Jung Shik, President of Haedong Foundation

The late Kim Jung Shik, former president of Haedong Foundation and founding CEO of Daeduck Electronics,
has donated 50 billion KRW to Seoul National University in 2019 for the purpose of advancing AI research.
The university will complete the construction of Haedong Center for Advanced AI Research by 2023.

KIM Jung Shik
  • 1948-1956B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University

  • 1972-Founded Daeduck Electronics

  • 1991-Founded Haedong Foundation

  • 2006Selected as one of the Korea’s 60 Most Honorable Engineers

SHIN Dong-ik, President of Youlchon Foundation

Shin Dong-ik, President of Youlchon Foundation and CEO of Nongshim Mega Mart
donates AIIS 300 million KRW every year to educate AI students and fund advanced AI research.

Shin Dong-ik
  • 1985B.A. in Business Administration from Korean University

  • 1990-Board member of Nongshim Group

  • 1991-CEO of MEGA Mart

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