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Research Support

AI Faculty Forums

This program supports SNU faculty group who are initiating AI-related research in their own fields.
Anyone in SNU faculty members can organize a forum with more than five faculty and apply for the program.
AI Institute selects about 10 groups every year and provides with financial support for study meetings.

AI Research Groups

This program supports promising AI research groups that are ready to take challenging projects.
AI Institute selects about 10 groups every year and provides financial supports to run the group.

Faculty Affiliation

Since SNU AI Institute is an inter-collegiate institution,
SNU faculty members in all colleges/schools are eligible to be affiliated.

The application process to be an affiliated faculty of AI Institute

1The applicant faculty sends a consent form to the AI Institute via email. Download the Form

2AI Institute sends the consent form to the faculty’s college

3The college sends a request to the president to appoint the one as an affiliated faculty

4AI Institute receives official letter of appointment from the president

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