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Youlchon AI Scholarships

Nongshim Youlchon Foundation and SNU AI Institute offer Youlchon AI Scholarships
for the purpose of supporting talented young researchers and promoting AI related research at SNU.

Youlchon AI Star

Youlchon AI Star is an award for those who made distinguished research achievements in core AI fields. The grant is 8 million KRW per person and will be given to 10 students. The applicants must be in graduate programs in core AI fields at SNU, and should be able to present concrete evidence of their excellence in research such as accepted papers in world-class computer sciences conferences.

Youlchon AI for All Fellowship

Youlchon AI for All Fellowship is for students (both undergraduate and graduate) who pursue creative research in their own fields by adopting AI technology. The grant is 10 million KRW per semester (20 million per year) and can be given continually based on the evaluations at each semester. SNU students in any major/department can apply for this program. The number of recipients is 3 for this Fall semester of 2021.