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Security + AI

Noise-Robust Deep Spiking Neural Networks with Temporal Information (Seongsik Park, Dongjin Lee, Sungroh Yoon) DAC 2021 #윤성로 교수팀

Scalable Multi-FPGA Acceleration for Large RNNs with Full Parallelism Levels (Dongup Kwon, Suyeon Hur, Hamin Jang, Eriko Nurvitadhi, and Jangwoo Kim) DAC 2020 #김장우 교수팀 

Hawkware: Network Intrusion Detection based on Behavior Analysis with ANNs on an IoT Device (Sunwoo Ahn, Hayoon Yi, Younghan Lee, Whoi Ree Ha, Giyeol Kim, Yunheung Paek) DAC 2020 #백윤흥 교수팀 

T2FSNN: Deep Spiking Neural Networks with Time-to-first-spike Coding (Seongsik Park, Seijoon Kim, Byunggook Na, Sungroh Yoon) DAC 2020 #윤성로 교수팀 

Tensor Virtualization Technique to Support Efficient Data Reorganization for CNN Accelerators (Donghyun Kang, Soonhoi Ha) DAC 2020 #하순회 교수팀

NNSim: Fast Performance Estimation based on Sampled Simulation of GPGPU Kernels for Neural Networks (JinTaek Kang, Kwanghyun Chung, Youngmin Yi, Soonhoi Ha) DAC 2018 #하순회 교수팀

Language + AI

Heads-up! Unsupervised Constituency Parsing via Self-Attention Heads (Bowen Li, Taeuk Kim, Reinald Kim Amplayo, Frank Keller) #AACL-IJCNLP 2020 / 12

IDS at SemEval-2020 Task 10: Does Pre-trained Language Model Know What to Emphasize? (Jaeyoul Shin, Taeuk Kim, Sang-goo Lee) #SemEval 2020 / 2020.7

Exploiting Text Matching Techniques for Knowledge-Grounded Conversation (Yeonchan Ahn, Sang-goo Lee, Jaehui Park) #IEEE Access / 2020.7

Summary Level Training of Sentence Rewriting for Abstractive Summarization(Sanghwan Bae, Taeuk Kim, Jihoon Kim, Sang-goo Lee) #The Second Workshop on New Frontiers in Summarization 2019 / 2019.11

Stochastic Relational Network (Kang Min Yoo, Hyunsoo Cho, Hanbit Lee, Jeeseung Han, and Sang-goo Lee) #The First Workshop on Statistical Deep Learning in Computer Vision 2019 / 2019.11

A Survey on Personalized PageRank Computation Algorithms (Sungchan Park, Wonseok Lee, Byeongseo Choe, Sang-goo Lee)  #IEEE Access / 2019.11

Cell-aware Stacked LSTMs for Modeling Sentences (Jihun Choi, Taeuk Kim, Sang-goo Lee) #The 11th Asian Conference on Machine Learning / 2019.11

Don't Just Scratch the Surface: Enhancing Word Representations for Korean with Hanja (Kang Min Yoo*, Taeuk Kim*, Sang-goo Lee (*equal contribution)) #2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing / 2019.11

Intrinsic Evaluation of Grammatical Information within Word Embeddings (Daniel Edmiston, Taeuk Kim) #Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation  / 2019.09

SNU_IDS at SemEval-2019 Task 3: Addressing Training-Test Class Distribution Mismatch in Conversational Classification (Sanghwan Bae, Jihun Choi, Sang-goo Lee) #International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation / 2019.06

Variational Deep Semantic Text Hashing with Pairwise Labels (Richeng Xuan, Junho Shim, Sang-goo Lee) #International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication / 2019.01

SisterNetwork: Enhancing Robustness of Multi-label Classification with Semantically Segmented Images (Holim Lim, Jeeseung Han, Sang-goo Lee) #International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication / 2019.01

Utterance Generation With Variational Auto-Encoder for Slot Filling in Spoken Language Understanding (Youhyun Shin, Kang Min Yoo, Sang-goo Lee) #IEEE Signal Processing Letters / 2019.01

Efficient Data Stream Clustering With Sliding Windows Based on Locality-Sensitive Hashing (Jonghem Youn, Junho Shim, Sang-goo Lee) #IEEE Access / 2018.10

Automatic Generation of Multiple-Choice Fill-in-the-blank Question Using Document Embedding (Junghyuk Park, Hyunsoo Cho, Sang-goo Lee)  #International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education / 2018.06 

Element-wise Bilinear Interaction for Sentence Matching (Jihun Choi, Taeuk Kim, Sang-goo Lee) #The Seventh Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics / 2018.06

SNU_IDS at SemEval-2018 Task 12: Sentence Encoder with Contextualized Vectors for Argument Reasoning Comprehension (Taeuk Kim, Jihun Choi, Sang-goo Lee) #International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation / 2018.06

Improving the integrated experience of in-class activities and fine-grained data collection for analysis in a blended learning class (Youhyun Shin, Junghyuk Park, Sang-goo Lee) Interactive Learning Environments / 2018

Finance + AI

Attention-Based Autoregression for Accurate and Efficient Multivariate Time Series Forecasting (Jaemin Yoo and U Kang) SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM) 2021 #강유 교수팀

Robotics + AI

No-Regret Shannon Entropy Regularized Neural Contextual Bandit Online Learning for Robotic Grasping (Kyungjae Lee, Jaegu Choy, Yunho Choi, Hogun Kee, and Songhwai Oh) #오성회 교수팀

MixGAIL: Autonomous Driving Using Demonstrations with Mixed Qualities (Gunmin Lee, Dohyung Kim, Wooseok Oh, Kyungjae Lee, and Songhwai Oh) #오성회 교수팀

Pedestrian Intention Prediction for Autonomous Driving Using a Multiple Stakeholder Perspective Model (Kyungdo Kim, Yoon Kyung Lee, Hyemin Ahn, Sowon Hahn, and Songhwai Oh) #오성회 교수팀

Expert-Emulating Excavation Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Robotic Industrial Excavator (B. Son, C. Kim, C. M. Kim and D. J. Lee) #이동준 교수팀 #IROS 2020  

Sim-to-Real Transfer of Bolting Tasks with Tight Tolerance (D. Son, H. Yang and D. J. Lee) #이동준 교수팀 #IROS 2020 

Learning-Based Fingertip Force Estimation for Soft Wearable Hand Robot With Tendon-Sheath Mechanism (Brian Byunghyun Kang, Daekyum Kim, Hyungmin Choi, Useok Jeong, Kyu Bum Kim, Sungho Jo, and Kyu-Jin Cho) #조규진 교수팀 #IEEE RA-L 2020 (IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters)

Energy + AI

On the Design of Tailored Neural Networks for Energy Harvesting Broadcast Channels: A Reinforcement Learning Approach (Heasung Kim, Jungtae Kim, Wonjae Shin, Heecheol Yang, Nayoung Lee, Sung Jin Kim, and Jungwoo Lee) IEEE Access 2020 #이정우 교수팀

Optimized Shallow Neural Networks for Sum-Rate Maximization in Energy Harvesting Downlink Multiuser NOMA Systems (Heasung Kim, Taehyun Cho, Jungwoo Lee, Wonjae Shin, and H. Vincent Poor) IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Aug. 2020 #이정우 교수팀

An Efficient Neural Network Architecture for Rate Maximization in Energy Harvesting Downlink Channels (Heasung Kim, Taehyun Cho, Jungwoo Lee, Wonjae Shin, Harold Vincent Poor) IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, June 21-26, 2020 #이정우 교수팀

RL-based Transmission Completion Time Minimization with Energy Harvesting for Time-varying Channels (Heasung Kim, Wonjae Shin, Heecheol Yang, and Jungwoo Lee) IEEE ICC’20 Open Workshop on Machine Learning for Communications (ML4COM), June 7-11, 2020 #이정우 교수팀

Automotive Radar Signal Inference Mitigation Using RNN With Self Attention (Jiwoo Mun, Seokhyeon Ha, and Jungwoo Lee) ICASSP, May 4-8, 2020 #이정우 교수팀

REST: performance improvement of a black box model via RL based spatial transformation (Jaemyung Kim, Chanwoo Park, Hyungjin Kim, and Jungwoo Lee) AAAI, Feb 7-12, 2020 #이정우 교수팀

Management + AI

Which Visual Modality Is Important When Judging the Naturalness of the Agent (Artificial Versus Human Intelligence) Providing Recommendations in the Symbolic Consumption Context? (Chung, Kyungmi, Jin Young Park, Kiwan Park, Yaeri Kim) Sensors, 20 (17: September 3), 5016, pp. 1-14 #박기완 교수

The Impact of Visual Art and High Affective Arousal on Heuristic Decision-Making in Consumers (Kim, Yaeri Kim, Kiwan Park, Yaeeun Kim, Wooyun Yang, Dong-uk Han, Wuon-Shik Kim) Frontiers in Psychology, 11(565829: November), pp. 1-16. #박기완 교수

Fashion + AI

Fashion Attributes-to-Image Synthesis Using Attention-based Generative Adversarial Network (Hanbit Lee, Sang-goo Lee) IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision / 2019.01 ​#이상구 교수팀 

Leveraging Class Hierarchy in Fashion Classification (Hyunsoo Cho, Chae Min Ahn, Kang Min Yoo, Jinseok Seol, Sang-goo Lee) Second Workshop on Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design 2019 / 2019.11

A Deep Learning based Architecture for Personal A.I. Fashion Stylist Services (Sungchan Park, Jeeseung Han, Jun Yeob Kim, Holim Lim, Sungjun Kim, Jeawoong Jung, Eunyoung Park, Sang-goo Lee, Yuri Lee, Jong-Youn Rha) The 2nd Artificial Intelligence on Fashion and Textile International Conference / 2019.11 #이유리 교수팀​

Psychology + AI

Association of Genome-Wide Polygenic Scores for Multiple Psychiatric and Common Traits in Preadolescent Youths at Risk of Suicide  (Joo YY, Moon SY, Wang HH, Kim H, Lee EJ, Kim JH, Posner J, Ahn WY, Choi I, Kim JW, Cha J.) JAMA Network Open, 2022/02/01 #차지욱 교수팀
3D distributed deep learning framework for prediction of human intelligence from brain MRI (Seungwook Han, Yan Zhang, Yihui Ren, Jonathan Posner, Shinjae Yoo, Jiook Cha) Medical Imaging 2020: Biomedical Applications in Molecular, Structural, and Functional Imaging, 2020/2/28 #차지욱 교수

GANDALF: Generative Adversarial Networks with Discriminator-Adaptive Loss Fine-Tuning for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis from MRI (Hoo-Chang Shin, Alvin Ihsani, Ziyue Xu, Swetha Mandava, Sharath Turuvekere Sreenivas, Christopher Forster, Jiook Cha) MICCAI 2020 #차지욱 교수

Structural neural markers of response to cognitive behavioral therapy in pediatric obsessive‐compulsive disorder (David Pagliaccio, Jiook Cha, Xiaofu He, Marilyn Cyr, Paula Yanes‐Lukin, Pablo Goldberg, Martine Fontaine, Moira A Rynn, Rachel Marsh Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 2020/12 #차지욱 교수

Concordance in parent and offspring cortico-basal ganglia white matter connectivity varies by parental history of major depressive disorder and early parental care (Eyal Abraham, Jonathan Posner, Priya J Wickramaratne, Natalie Aw, Milenna T van Dijk, Jiook Cha, Myrna M Weissman, Ardesheer Talati) Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, 2020/8 #차지욱 교수

Differences in brain structure and function in children with the FTO obesity‐risk allele (Claudia Lugo‐Candelas, Yajing Pang, Seonjoo Lee, Jiook Cha, Susie Hong, Lisa Ranzenhofer, Rachel Korn, Haley Davis, Hailey McInerny, Janet Schebendach, Wendy K Chung, Rudolph L Leibel, B Timothy Walsh, Jonathan Posner, Michael Rosenbaum, Laurel Maye) Obesity Science & Practice, 2020/8 #차지욱 교수

Altered dentate gyrus microstructure in individuals at high familial risk for depression predicts future symptoms (Milenna T van Dijk, Jiook Cha, David Semanek, Natalie Aw, Marc J Gameroff, Eyal Abraham, Priya J Wickramaratne, Myrna M Weissman, Jonathan Posner, Ardesheer Talati) Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, 2020/6/21 #차지욱 교수

Machine learning prediction of incidence of Alzheimer’s disease using large-scale administrative health data (Ji Hwan Park, Han Eol Cho, Jong Hun Kim, Melanie M Wall, Yaakov Stern, Hyunsun Lim, Shinjae Yoo, Hyoung Seop Kim, Jiook Cha) NPJ digital medicine, 2020/3/26 #차지욱 교수

Medicine + AI

Pseudonymization of healthcare data in South Korea (Haksoo Ko) Nature Medicine 2022
A web-based machine-learning algorithm predicting postoperative acute kidney injury after total knee arthroplasty (Sunho Ko, Changwung, Chong Bum Chang, Yong Seuk Lee, Young-Wan Moon, Jae Woo Youm, Hyuk-Soo Han, Myung Chul Lee, Hajeong Lee, Du Hyun Ro) Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 2020 

Can Deep Learning Using Weight Bearing Knee Anterio-Posterior Radiograph Alone Replace a Whole-Leg Radiograph in the Interpretation of Weight Bearing Line Ratio? (Hyun-Doo Moon, Han-Gyeol Choi, Kyong-Joon Lee, Dong-Jun Choi, Hyun-Jin Yoo, Yong-Seuk Lee) J Clin Med 2021 

Can Additional Patient Information Improve the Diagnostic Performance of Deep Learning for the Interpretation of Knee Osteoarthritis Severity (Dong Hyun Kim, Kyong Joon Lee, Dongjun Choi, Jae Ik Lee, Han Gyeol Choi, Yong Seuk Lee) J Clin Med 2020

COVID-19 pneumonia on chest X-rays: Performance of a deep learning-based computer-aided detection system (Eui Jin Hwang, Ki Beom Kim, Jin Young Kim, Jae-Kwang Lim, Ju Gang Nam, Hyewon Choi, Hyungjin Kim, Soon Ho Yoon, Jin Mo Goo, Chang Min Park) PLoS One 2021 

Automatic prediction of left cardiac chamber enlargement from chest radiographs using convolutional neural network (Ju Gang Nam, Jinwook Kim, Keonwoo Noh, Hyewon Choi, Da Som Kim, Seung-Jin Yoo, Hyun-Lim Yang, Eui Jin Hwang, Jin Mo Goo, Eun-Ah Park, Hye Young Sun, Min-Soo Kim, Chang Min Park) European Radiology 2021 

Undetected Lung Cancer at Posteroanterior Chest Radiography: Potential Role of a Deep Learning–based Detection Algorithm (Ju Gang Nam, Eui Jin Hwang, Da Som Kim, Seung-Jin Yoo, Hyewon Choi, Jin Mo Goo, Chang Min Park) Radiology. Cardiothoracic imaging 2020 

Development and validation of a deep learning algorithm detecting 10 common abnormalities on chest radiographs (Ju Gang Nam, Minchul Kim, Jongchan Park, Eui Jin Hwang, Jong Hyuk Lee, Jung Hee Hong, Jin Mo Goo, Chang Min Park) The European respiratory journal 2021 

Prediction of visceral pleural invasion in lung cancer on CT: deep learning model achieves a radiologist-level performance with adaptive sensitivity and specificity to clinical needs (Hyewon Choi, Hyungjin Kim, Wonju Hong, Jongsoo Park, Eui Jin Hwang, Chang Min Park, Young Tae Kim, Jin Mo Goo) European Radiology 2021 

Performance of a Deep Learning Algorithm Compared with Radiologic Interpretation for Lung Cancer Detection on Chest Radiographs in a Health Screening Population (Jong Hyuk Lee, Hye Young Sun, Sunggyun Park, Hyungjin Kim, Eui Jin Hwang, Jin Mo Goo, Chang Min Park) Radiology 2020 

Deep learning-based automated detection algorithm for active pulmonary tuberculosis on chest radiographs: diagnostic performance in systematic screening of asymptomatic individuals (Jong Hyuk Lee, Sunggyun Park, Eui Jin Hwang, Jin Mo Goo, Woo Young Lee, Sangho Lee, Hyungjin Kim, Jason R Andrews, Chang Min Park) European Radiology 2021 

Unsupervised anomaly detection using generative adversarial networks in 1H-MRS of the brain (Joon Jang, Hyeong Hun Lee, Ji-Ae Park, Hyeonjin Kim) J Magn Reson 2021  

Defining data-driven subgroups of obsessive compulsive disorder with different treatment responses based on resting-state functional connectivity (Seoyeon Kwak, Minah Kim, Taekwan Kim, Yoobin Kwak, Sanghoon Oh, Silvia Kyungjin Lho, Sun-Young Moon, Tae Young Lee & Jun Soo Kwon) Transl Psychiatry 2020 10:359  

Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Unconstrained Sleep Stage Classification using Polyvinylidene Fluoride Film Sensor (Sang Ho Choi, Hyun Bin Kwon, Hyungwon Jin, Heenam Yoon, Mi Hyun Lee, Yu Jin Lee, Kwang Suk Park) 10.1109/JBHI.2020.2979168 IEEE 2020

End-To-End Deep Learning Architecture for Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation Using Attention Mechanism (Heesang Eom, Dongseok Lee, Seungwoo Han, Yuli Sun Hariyani, Yonggyu Lim, Illsoo Sohn, Kwangsuk Park, Cheolsoo Park) 10.3390/s20082338 Sensors (Basel)

Beat-to-Beat Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation Using Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Network (Dongseok Lee, Hyunbin Kwon, Dongyeon Son, Heesang Eom, Cheolsoo Park, Yonggyu Lim, Chulhun Seo and Kwangsuk Park) 10.3390/s21010096

Real-time apnea-hyponea event detection during sleep by convolutional neural networks (Sang Ho Choi, Heenam Yoon, Hyun Suk Kim, Hyun Bin Kwon, Sung Min Oh, Yu Jin Lee, Kwangsuk Park) 10.1016/j.compbiomed.2018.06.028

Wrist Sensor-Based Tremor Severity Quantification in Parkinson’s Disease using Convolutional Neural Network (Han Byul Kim, Woong Woo Lee, Aryun Kim, Hong Ji Lee, Hye Young Park, Hyo Seon Jeon, Sang Kyong Kim, Beomseok Jeon, Kwangsuk Park) 10.1016/j.compbiomed.2018.02.007

Automatic diagnosis for cysts and tumors of both jaws on panoramic radiographs using a deep convolution neural network (Odeuk Kwon, Tae-Hoon Yong, Se-Ryong Kang, Jo-Eun Kim, Kyung-Hoe Huh, Min-Suk Heo, Sam-Sun Lee, Soon-Chul Choi, Won-Jin Yi) DMFR 2020

Altered Expression of Fucosylation Pathway Genes Is Associated with Poor Prognosis and Tumor Metastasis in Non‑small Cell Lung Cancer (Park, Soonbum, Jin‑Muk Lim, Jung Chun, Sanghoon Lee, Tae Kim, Dong‑Wan Kim, Sang‑Yeob Kim, Dong‑Jun Bae, Sang‑Mun Bae, Insuk So, Hong‑Gee Kim, Ji‑Yeob Choi, and Ju‑Hong Jeon) International Journal of Oncology 2020

Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Using a Ring-Type Wearable Device (CardioTracker) and Deep Learning Analysis of Photoplethysmography Signals: Prospective Observational Proof-of-Concept Study (Soonil Kwon, Joonki Hong, Eue-Keun Choi, Byunghwan Lee, Changhyun Baik, Euijae Lee, Eui-Rim Jeong, Bon-Kwon Koo, Seil Oh, Yung Yi) JMIR 2020

Reconstruction of spectra from truncated free induction decays by deep learning in proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (Hyochul Lee, Hyeonjin Kim) Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2020

Deep learning-based target metabolite isolation and big data-driven measurement uncertainty estimation in proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain (Hyeong Hun Lee, Hyeonjin Kim) Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2020

Deep Learning Hybrid Method to Automatically Diagnose Periodontal Bone Loss and Stage Periodontitis (Hyuk-Joon chang, Sang-Jeong Lee, Tae-Hoon Yong, Nan-Young Shin, Bong-Geun Jang, Jo-eun Kim, Kyung-Hoe Huh, Sam-Sun Lee, Min-Suk Heo, Soon-Chul Choi, Tae-Il Kim, Won-Jin Yi) Scientific Reports 2020

Prediction of the Mortality Risk in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients using Machine Learning Models: A Nation-wide Prospective Cohort in Korea (Junhyug Noh, Kyung DonYoo, Wonho Bae, Jong Soo Lee, Kangil Kim, Jang-HeeCho, Hajeong Lee, Dong Ki Kim, Chun Soo Lim, Shin-Wook Kang, Yong-Lim Kim, Yon Su Kim, Gunhee Kim & Jung Pyo Lee) Scientific Reports 2020

Implementation of a Deep Learning-Based Computer-Aided Detection System for the Interpretation of Chest Radiographs in Patients Suspected for COVID-19 (Eui Jin Hwang, Hyungjin Kim, Soon Ho Yoon, Jin Mo Goo, Chang Min Park) Korean J Radiol 2020

Automated identification of chest radiographs with referable abnormality with deep learning: need for recalibration (Eui Jin Hwang, Hyungjin Kim, Jong Hyuk Lee, Jin Mo Goo, Chang Min Park) Eur Radiol 2020

Deep learning algorithm for surveillance of pneumothorax after lung biopsy: a multicenter diagnostic cohort study (Eui Jin Hwang, Jung Hee Hong, Kyung Hee Lee, Jung Im Kim, Ju Gang Nam, Da Som Kim, Hyewon Choi, Seung Jin Yoo, Jin Mo Goo, Chang Min Park) Eur Radiol 2020

CT-based Deep Learning Model to Differentiate Invasive Pulmonary Adenocarcinomas Appearing as Subsolid Nodules Among Surgical Candidates: Comparison of the Diagnostic Performance With a Size-Based Logistic Model and Radiologists (Hyungjin Kim, Dongheon Lee, Woo Sang Cho, Jung Chan Lee, Jin Mo Goo, Hee Chan Kim, Chang Min Park) Eur Radiol 2020

Test-retest Reproducibility of a Deep Learning-Based Automatic Detection Algorithm for the Chest Radiograph (Hyungjin Kim, Chang Min Park, Jin Mo Goo) Eur Radiol 2020

Clinical Validation of a Deep Learning Algorithm for Detection of Pneumonia on Chest Radiographs in Emergency Department Patients with Acute Febrile Respiratory Illness (Jae Hyun Kim, Jin Young Kim, Gun Ha Kim, Donghoon Kang, In Jung Kim, Jeongkuk Seo, Jason R. Andrews, Chang Min Park) J Clin Med 2020

Preoperative CT-based Deep Learning Model for Predicting Disease-Free Survival in Patients with Lung Adenocarcinomas (Hyungjin Kim, Jin Mo Goo, Kyung Hee Lee,MD,PhD • Young Tae Kim, Chang Min Park) Radiology 2020

Prediction of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Based on Respiratory Sounds Recorded Between Sleep Onset and Sleep Offset (Jeong-Whun Kim, Taehoon Kim, Jaeyoung Shin, Goun Choe, Hyun Jung Lim, Chae-Seo Rhee, Kyogu Lee, Sung-Woo Cho) CEO 2019

Intact metabolite spectrum mining by deep learning in proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain (Hyeong Hun Lee, Hyeonjin Kim) Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2019

Deep Learning for Chest Radiograph Diagnosis in the Emergency Department (Eui Jin Hwang, Ju Gang Nam, Woo Hyeon Lim, Sae Jin Park, Yun Soo Jeong, Ji Hee Kang, Eun Kyoung Hong, Taek Min Kim, Jin Mo Goo, Sunggyun Park, Ki Hwan Kim, Chang Min Park) Radiology 2019

Development and Validation of a Deep Learning-Based Automatic Detection Algorithm for Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis on Chest Radiographs (Eui Jin Hwang, Sunggyun Park, Kwang-Nam Jin, Jung Im Kim, So Young Choi, Jong Hyuk Lee, Jin Mo Goo, Jaehong Aum, Jae-Joon Yim, Chang Min Park) JAMA Netw Open 2019

Research Topics and Trends in Medical Education by Social Network Analysis (Ji, Young A., Se Jin Nam, Hong Gee Kim, Jaeil Lee, and Soo-Kyoung Lee) BMC Medical Education 2018

Differential Diagnosis of Jaw Pain Using Informatics Technology (Nam, Y., H. G. Kim, and H. S. Kho) Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2018

Development and Validation of Deep Learning–based Automatic Detection Algorithm for Malignant Pulmonary Nodules on Chest Radiographs (Ju Gang Nam, Sunggyun Park, Eui Jin Hwang, Jong Hyuk Lee, Kwang-Nam Jin, Kun Young Lim, Thienkai Huy Vu, Jae Ho Sohn, Sangheum Hwang, Jin Mo Goo, Chang Min Park) Radiology 2018

Semiconductor + AI

6.5 A 6.4-to-32Gb/s 0.96pJ/b Referenceless CDR Employing ML-Inspired Stochastic Phase-Frequency Detection Technique in 40nm CMOS (Kwanseo Park, Minkyo Shim, Han-Gon Ko, Deog-Kyoon Jeong) ISSCC 2020 #정덕균 교수팀

Bio + AI

Somatic mutation landscape reveals differential variability of cell-of-origin for primary liver cancer (Kyungsik Ha, Masashi Fujita, Rosa Karlić, Sungmin Yang, Ruidong Xue, Chong Zhang, Fan Bai, Ning Zhang, Yujin Hoshida, Paz Polak, Hidewaki Nakagawa, Hong-Gee Kim and Hwajin Lee) Heliyon 2020

PRISM: Methylation Pattern-based, Reference-free Inference of Subclonal Makeup (Dohoon Lee, SangSeon Lee, Sun Kim) ISMB 2019 #김선 교수팀

DeepFam: deep learning based alignment-free method for protein family modeling and prediction (Seokjun Seo, Minsik Oh, Youngjune Park, Sun Kim) ISMB2018 #김선 교수팀

Dentistry + AI

Cognitive Profiling Related to Cerebral Amyloid Beta Burden Using Machine Learning Approaches (Hyunwoong Ko, Jung-Joon Ihm, Hong-Gee Kim) Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 2019 #김홍기 교수팀

Multi-Channel PINN: Investigating Scalable and Transferable Neural Networks for Drug Discovery (Lee, Munhwan, Hyeyeon Kim, Hyunwhan Joe, and Hong-Gee Kim) Journal of Cheminformatics 2019 #김홍기 교수팀

Changes of auditory stimulus processing in sevoflurane-induced sedation (Ji-Woong Kim,Pil-Jong Kim,Hong-Gee Kim,Teo jeon Shin) Neuroscience Letters #신터전 교수팀

The Disturbance in Dynamic Property in the Reconstructed State Space during Nitrous Oxide Administration (Kim, Pil-Jong, Kim, Hong-Gee, Shin, Teo Jeon) Neuroreport 2019 #신터전 교수팀