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EMNLP 2021 (자연어처리에서의 경험적 방법론 학회)

(Oral) AligNART: Non-autoregressive Neural Machine Translation by Jointly Learning to Estimate Alignment and Translate (Jongyoon Song, Sungwon Kim, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀

Perspective-taking and Pragmatics for Generating Empathetic Responses Focused on Emotion Causes (Hyunwoo Kim, Byeongchang Kim, and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

Reasoning Visual Dialog with Sparse Graph Learning and Knowledge Transfer (Gi-Cheon Kang, Junseok Park, Hwaran Lee, Byoung-Tak Zhang, and Jin-Hwa Kim) #장병탁 교수팀

QACE: Asking Questions to Evaluate an Image Caption (Hwanhee Lee, Thomas Scialom, Seunghyun Yoon, Franck Dernoncourt, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Structure-Augmented Keyphrase Generation (Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수

NAACL 2021 (북미 컴퓨터언어학회)

How Robust are Fact Checking Systems on Colloquial Claims? (Byeongchang Kim, Hyunwoo Kim, Seokhee Hong and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

KPQA: A Metric for Generative Question Answering Using Keyphrase Weights (Hwanhee Lee, Seunghyun Yoon, Franck Dernoncourt, Doo Soon Kim, Trung Bui, Joongbo Shin and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀