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Smartwatch-based Early Gesture Detection and Trajectory Tracking for Interactive Gesture-Driven Applications (Tran Huy Vu, Archan Misra, Quentin Roy, Kenny Tsu Wei Choo, Youngki Lee)

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NeurIPS 2018 (신경정보처리시스템학회)

Genetic-Gated Networks for Deep Reinforcement Learning (Simyung Chang, John Yang, Jaeseok Choi, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀

Paraphrasing Complex Network: Network Compression via Factor Transfer (Jangho Kim, Seounguk Park, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀

Maximum Causal Tsallis Entropy Imitation Learning (Kyungjae Lee, Sungjoon Choi, Songhwai Oh) #오성회 교수팀

Answerer in questioner’s mind: Information theoretic approach to goal-oriented visual dialog (Sang-Woo Lee, Yu-jung Heo, Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀

Bilinear attention networks (Jin-Hwa Kim, Jaehyun Jun, Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀

Answerer in Questioner's Mind: Information Theoretic Approach to Goal-Oriented Visual Dialog (Sang-Woo Lee, Yu-Jung Heo, Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀

Learning to Specialize with Knowledge Distillation for Visual Question Answering (Jonghwan Mun, Kimin Lee, Jinwoo Shin, Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀

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Neural Computation (신경계측 저널)

Bias Reduction and Metric Learning for Nearest-Neighbor Estimation of Kullback-Leibler Divergence (Yung-Kyun Noh, Masashi Sugiyama, Song Liu, Marthinus C. du Plessis)

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OSDI 2018 (운영시스템의 설계와 실행 심포지엄)

PRETZEL: Opening the Black Box of Machine Learning Prediction Serving Systems (Yunseong Lee, Alberto Scolari, Byung-Gon Chun, Marco Domenico Santambrogio, Markus Weimer, Matteo Interlandi) #전병곤 교수팀

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PACT 2018 (컴퓨터 병렬구조 및 컴파일 기술에 대한 국제학회)

A Portable, Automatic Data Quantizer for Deep Neural Networks (Young H. Oh, Quan Quan, Daeyeon Kim, Seonghak Kim, Jun Heo, Sungjun Jung, Jaeyoung Jang, Jae W. Lee) #이재욱 교수팀

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NeurIPS 2018 Workshop: Systems for ML

Making Classical Machine Learning Pipelines Differentiable: A Neural Translation Approach (Gyeong-In Yu, Saeed Amizadeh, Byung-Gon Chun, Markus Weimer, Matteo Interlandi) #전병곤 교수

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SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 / ACM Transactions on Graphics

Interactive Character Animiation by Learning Multi-Objective Control (Kyungho Lee, Seyoung Lee, and Jehee Lee) #이제희 교수팀

Aerobatics Control of Flying Creatures via Self-Regulated Learning (Jungdam Won, Jungnam Park, and Jehee Lee) #이제희 교수팀

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WSDM 2018 (웹 검색 및 데이터 마이닝 학회)

Fast and Scalable Distributed Loopy Belief Propagation on Real-World Graphs (Saehan Jo, Jaemin Yoo, U Kang) #강유 교수팀

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WWW 2018 (World Wide Web)

SIDE: Representation Learning in Signed Directed Networks (Junghwan Kim, Haekyu Park, Ji-Eun Lee, U Kang) #강유 교수팀

Fast and Accurate Random Walk with Restart on Dynamic Graphs with Guarantees (Minji Yoon, Woojeong Jin, and U Kang) #강유 교수팀

AAAI 2017 (국제인공지능학회)

Detection and Recognition of Text Embedded in Online Images via Neural Context Models (Chulmoo Kang, Gunhee Kim and Suk I. Yoo) #김건희 교수팀

Transfer Learning for Deep Learning on Graph-Structured Data (Jaekoo Lee, Hyunjae Kim, Jongsun Lee and Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀

CVPR 2017 (컴퓨터 비전과 패턴인식 학회)

Supervising Neural Attention Models for Video Captioning by Human Gaze Data (Youngjae Yu, Jongwook Choi, Yeonhwa Kim, Kyung Yoo, Sang-Hun Lee, Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

Attend to You: Personalized Image Captioning With Context Sequence Memory Networks (Cesc Chunseong Park, Byeongchang Kim, Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

TGIF-QA: Toward Spatio-Temporal Reasoning in Visual Question Answering (Yunseok Jang, Yale Song, Youngjae Yu, Youngjin Kim, Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

End-To-End Concept Word Detection for Video Captioning, Retrieval, and Question Answering (Youngjae Yu, Hyungjin Ko, Jongwook Choi, Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

Deep Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network for Dynamic Scene Deblurring (Seungjun Nah, Tae Hyun Kim, Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀

Anti-Glare: Tightly Constrained Optimization for Eyeglass Reflection Removal (Tushar Sandhan, Jin Young Choi) #최진영 교수팀

Action-Decision Networks for Visual Tracking With Deep Reinforcement Learning (Sangdoo Yun, Jongwon Choi, Youngjoon Yoo, Kimin Yun, Jin Young Choi) #최진영 교수팀

Variational Autoencoded Regression: High Dimensional Regression of Visual Data on Complex Manifold (YoungJoon Yoo, Sangdoo Yun, Hyung Jin Chang, Yiannis Demiris, Jin Young Choi) #최진영 교수팀

Attentional Correlation Filter Network for Adaptive Visual Tracking (Jongwon Choi, Hyung Jin Chang, Sangdoo Yun, Tobias Fischer, Yiannis Demiris, Jin Young Choi) #최진영 교수팀

Superpixel-Based Tracking-By-Segmentation Using Markov Chains (Donghun Yeo, Jeany Son, Bohyung Han, Joon Hee Han) #한보형 교수

BranchOut: Regularization for Online Ensemble Tracking With Convolutional Neural Networks (Bohyung Han, Jack Sim, Hartwig Adam) #한보형 교수

Multi-Object Tracking With Quadruplet Convolutional Neural Networks (Jeany Son, Mooyeol Baek, Minsu Cho, Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수

Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Web-Crawled Videos (Seunghoon Hong, Donghun Yeo, Suha Kwak, Honglak Lee, Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수

NeurIPS 2017 (신경정보처리시스템학회)

Deep Recurrent Neural Network-Based Identification of Precursor microRNAs (Seunghyun Park, Seonwoo Min, Hyun-Soo Choi, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀

Overcoming Catastrophic Forgetting by Incremental Moment Matching (Sang-Woo Lee, Jin-Hwa Kim, Jaehyun Jun, Jung-Woo Ha, Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀

Visual Reference Resolution using Attention Memory for Visual Dialog (Paul Hongsuck Seo, Andreas Lehrmann, Bohyung Han, Leonid Sigal) #한보형 교수팀

Regularizing Deep Neural Networks by Noise: Its Interpretation and Optimization (Hyeonwoo Noh, Tackgeun You, Jonghwan Mun, Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀

ICML 2017 (국제머신러닝학회)

SplitNet: Learning to Semantically Split Deep Networks for Parameter Reduction and Model Parallelization (Juyong Kim, Yookoon Park, Gunhee Kim , Sung Ju Hwang) #김건희 교수

ECCV 2016 (유럽 컴퓨터 비전 학회)

Taxonomy-Regularized Semantic Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (Wonjoon Goo, Juyong Kim, Gunhee Kim, Sung Ju Hwang) #김건희 교수팀

A Sequential Approach to 3D Human Pose Estimation: Separation of Localization and Identification of Body Joints (Hoyub Jung, Yumin Suh, Gyeongsik Moon, Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀

Individualness and Determinantal Point Processes for Pedestrian Detection (Donghoon Lee, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Geonho Cha, Songhwai Oh) #오성회 교수팀

CVPR 2016 (컴퓨터 비전과 패턴인식 학회)

Deeply-Recursive Convolutional Network for Image Super-Resolution (Jiwon Kim, Jung Kwon Lee, Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀

Accurate Image Super-Resolution Using Very Deep Convolutional Networks (Jiwon Kim, Jung Kwon Lee, Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀

Visual Path Prediction in Complex Scenes With Crowded Moving Objects (YoungJoon Yoo, Kimin Yun, Sangdoo Yun, JongHee Hong, Hawook Jeong, Jin Young Choi) #최진영 교수팀

Visual Tracking Using Attention-Modulated Disintegration and Integration (Jongwon Choi, Hyung Jin Chang, Jiyeoup Jeong, Yiannis Demiris, Jin Young Choi) #최진영 교수팀

Deep Metric Learning via Lifted Structured Feature Embedding (Hyun Oh Song, Yu Xiang, Stefanie Jegelka, Silvio Savarese) #송현오 교수

Image Question Answering Using Convolutional Neural Network With Dynamic Parameter Prediction (Hyeonwoo Noh, Paul Hongsuck Seo, Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수

Learning Transferrable Knowledge for Semantic Segmentation With Deep Convolutional Neural Network (Seunghoon Hong, Junhyuk Oh, Honglak Lee, Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수

Learning Multi-Domain Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Tracking (Hyeonseob Nam, Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수