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ICASSP 2020 (음성·신호처리학회)

(Oral) Attentive Modality Hopping Mechanism for Speech Emotion Recognition (Seunghyun Yoon, Subhadeep Dey, Hwanhee Lee, Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Deep Neural Network Based Matrix Completion for Internet of Things Network Localization (Sunwoo Kim, Luong Trung Nguyen, and Byonghyo Shim) #심병효 교수팀

Disentangling Timbre and Singing Style with Multi-Singer Singing Synthesis System (Juheon Lee, Hyeong-Seok Choi, Junghyun Koo, Kyogu Lee) #이교구 교수팀

Automotive Radar Signal Interference Mitigation Using RNN with Self Attention (Jiwoo Mun, Seokhyeon Ha, and Jungwoo Lee) #이정우 교수팀

Label Propagation Adaptive Resonance Theory for Semi-Supervised Continuous Learning (Taehyeong Kim, Injune Hwang, Gi-Cheon Kang, Won-Seok Choi, Hyunseo Kim, Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀

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ICDE 2020 (데이터 엔지니어링 국제학회)

D-Tucker: Fast and Memory-Efficient Tucker Decomposition for Dense Tensors (Jun-Gi Jang, U Kang) #강유 교수팀

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ICIP 2020 (이미지처리 국제학회)

KL-divergence-based Region Proposal Network for Object Detection (Geonseok Seo, Jaeyoung Yoo, Jaeseok Choi, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀

Unpriortized Autoencoder for Image Generations (Jaeyoung Yoo, Hojun Lee, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀

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IJCAI 2020 (인공 지능에 관한 국제공동회의)

Robust Front-End for Multi-Channel ASR using Flow-Based Density Estimation (Hyeongju Kim, Hyeonseung Lee, Woo Hyun Kang, Hyung Yong Kim, Nam Soo Kim) #김남수 교수팀

ICPR 2020 (패턴인식 국제학회)

(Oral) Deep Universal Blind Image Denoising (Soh, Jae Woong; Cho, Nam Ik) #조남익 교수팀

Feature Fusion for Online Mutual Knowledge Distillation (Kim, Jangho; Hyun, Minsung; Chung, Inseop; Kwak, Nojun) #곽노준 교수팀

3D Pots Configuration System by Optimizing Over Geometric Constraints (Kim, Jae Eun; Arshad, Muhammad Zeeshan; Yoo, Seong Jong; Hong, Je Hyeong; Kim, Jinwook; Kim, Young Min) #김영민 교수팀

Improving Explainability of Integrated Gradients with Guided Non-Linearity (Kwon Hyuk Jin; Koo Hyung Il; Cho Nam Ik) #조남익 교수팀

Single Image Super-Resolution with Dynamic Residual Connection (Park, Karam; Soh, Jae Woong; Cho, Nam Ik) #조남익 교수팀

User-Independent Gaze Estimation by Extracting Pupil Parameter and Its Mapping to the Gaze Angle (Han, Sang Yoon; Cho, Nam Ik) #조남익 교수팀

Neural Architecture Search for Image Super-Resolution Using Densely Connected Search Space: DeCoNAS (Ahn, Joon Young; Cho, Nam Ik) #조남익 교수팀

TVCG 2020 (IEEE 시각화와 컴퓨터 그래픽)

Tanglement Resolution in Clothing Simulation with Explicit Convergence (Ick-Hoon Cha;Hyeong-Seok Ko) #고형석 교수팀

Augmenting Parallel Coordinates Plots with Color-coded Stacked Histograms (Jinwook Bok;Bohyoung Kim;Jinwook Seo) #서진욱 교수팀

PANENE: A Progressive Algorithm for Indexing and Querying Approximate k-Nearest Neighbors (Jaemin Jo, Jinwook Seo, Jean-Daniel Fekete) #서진욱 교수

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Special Section on IEEE PacificVis 2020 (Fabian Beck, Jinwook Seo, Chaoli Wang) #서진욱 교수

Volumetric Head-Mounted Display with Locally Adaptive Focal Blocks (Dongheon Yoo, Seungjae Lee, Youngjin Jo, Jaebum Cho, Suyeon Choi, Byoungho Lee) #이병호 교수팀

BMVC 2020 (영국머신비전학회)

Domain Adaptation of Learned Featuresfor Visual Localization (Sungyong Baik, Hyo Jin Kim, Tianwei Shen, Eddy Ilg, Kyoung Mu Lee and Christopher Sweeney) #이경무 교수


Robust Text-Dependent Speaker Verification via Character-Level Information Preservation for the SdSV Challenge 2020 (Sung Hwan Mun, Woo Hyun Kang, Min Hyun Han and Nam Soo Kim) #김남수 교수팀

Speech to Text Adaptation: Towards an Efficient Cross-Modal Distillation (Won Ik Cho, Donghyun Kwak, Jiwon Yoon and Nam Soo Kim) #김남수 교수팀

Reformer-TTS: Neural Speech Synthesis with Reformer Network (Hyeongrae Ihm, Joun Yeop Lee, Byoung Jin Choi, Sung Jun Cheon and Nam Soo Kim) #김남수 교수팀

Effect of Adding Positional Information on Convolutional Neural Networks for End-to-End Speech Recognition (Jinhwan Park and Wonyong Sung) #성원용 교수팀

Exploiting Multi-Modal Features From Pre-trained Networks for Alzheimer’s Dementia Recognition (Junghyun Koo, Jie Hwan Lee, Jaewoo Pyo, Yujin Jo and Kyogu Lee) #이교구 교수팀

Multimodal Speech Emotion Recognition using Cross Attention with Aligned Audio and Text (Yoonhyung Lee, Seunghyun Yoon and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Dysarthria Detection and Severity Assessment using Rhythm-Based Metrics (Abner Hernandez, Eun Jung Yeo, Sunhee Kim and Minhwa Chung) #정민화 교수팀

Cotatron: Transcription-Guided Speech Encoder for Any-to-Many Voice Conversion without Parallel Data (Seung-won Park(Seoul National University, MINDsLab Inc.), Doo-young Kim(Seoul National University, MINDsLab Inc.) and Myun-chul Joe(MINDsLab Inc.))

LREC 2020 (언어 자원 및 평가에 관한 국제 회의)

Propagate-Selector: Detecting Supporting Sentences for Question Answering via Graph Neural Networks (Seunghyun Yoon, Franck Dernoncourt, Doo Soon Kim, Trung Bui, Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

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PAKDD 2020 (태평양-아시아 국제 지식발견 및 데이터마이닝 학술대회)

Accurate News Recommendation Coalescing Personal and Global Temporal Preferences (Bonhun Koo, Hyunsik Jeon, U Kang) #강유 교수팀

Drug-disease Graph: Predicting Adverse Drug Reaction Signals via Graph Neural Network with Clinical Data (Heeyoung Kwak, Minwoo Lee, Seunghyun Yoon, Jooyoung Chang, Sangmin Park, Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Reliable Aggregation Method for Vector Regression Tasks in Crowdsourcing (Joonyoung Kim, Donghyeon Lee, Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

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ASPLOS 2020 (프로그램 언어와 운영 시스템을 위한 설계 지원)

CryoCache: A Fast, Large, and Cost-Effective Cache Architecture for Cryogenic Computing (Dongmoon Min, Ilkwon Byun, Gyu-Hyeon Lee, Seongmin Na, and Jangwoo Kim) #김장우 교수팀

IIU: Specialized Architecture for Inverted Index Search (Jun Heo, Jaeyeon Won, Yejin Lee, Shivam Bharuka, Jaeyoung Jang, Tae Jun Ham, and Jae W. Lee) #이재욱 교수팀

PPoPP 2020

Overlapping Host-to-Device Copy and Computation using Hidden Unified Memory (Jaehoon Jung, Daeyoung Park, Youngdong Do, Jungho Park, and Jaejin Lee) #이재진 교수팀 

IROS 2020 (IEEE/RSJ 지능로봇과 시스템 국제대회)

Fail-safe Flight of a Fully-Actuated Quadcopter in a Single Motor Failure (Seung Jae Lee, Inkyu Jang, and H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Multi-robot active sensing and environmental model learning with distributed Gaussian process (Dohyun Jang, Jaehyun Yoo, Clark Youngdong Son, Dabin Kim, and H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Stable Flight of a Flapping-wing Micro Air Vehicle Under Wind Disturbance (Jonggu Lee, Seungwan Ryu, and H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Navigation-Assistant Path Planning within a MAV team (Youngseok Jang, Yunwoo Lee, and H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Detection-Aware Trajectory Generation for a Drone Cinematographer (Boseong Jeon, Dongseok Shim, and H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Edge-based Visual Odometry with Stereo Cameras using Multiple Oriented Quadtrees (Changhyeon Kim, Junha Kim, and H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Elastomeric Continuously Variable Transmission Combined with Twisted String Actuator (Seungyeon Kim, Jaehoon Sim, Jaeheung Park) RA-L with IROS 2020 #박재흥 교수팀

No-Regret Shannon Entropy Regularized Neural Contextual Bandit Online Learning for Robotic Grasping (Kyungjae Lee, Jaegu Choy, Yunho Choi, Hogun Kee, and Songhwai Oh) #오성회 교수팀

MixGAIL: Autonomous Driving Using Demonstrations with Mixed Qualities (Gunmin Lee, Dohyung Kim, Wooseok Oh, Kyungjae Lee, and Songhwai Oh) #오성회 교수팀

Pedestrian Intention Prediction for Autonomous Driving Using a Multiple Stakeholder Perspective Model (Kyungdo Kim, Yoon Kyung Lee, Hyemin Ahn, Sowon Hahn, and Songhwai Oh) #오성회 교수팀

Expert-Emulating Excavation Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Robotic Industrial Excavator (B. Son, C. Kim, C. M. Kim and D. J. Lee) #이동준 교수팀 

Sim-to-Real Transfer of Bolting Tasks with Tight Tolerance (D. Son, H. Yang and D. J. Lee) #이동준 교수팀 

HPCA 2020 (IEEE 고성능컴퓨터구조학회)

A^3: Accelerating Neural Network Attention Mechanism with Approximation (Tae Jun Ham, Seonghak Kim, and Sung Jun Jung, Young H. Oh, Yeonhong Park, Yoon Ho Song, Junghoon Park, Sanghee Lee, Kyoung Park, Jae W. Lee, and Deog-Kyoon Jeong) #이재욱 교수팀

ICRA 2020 (IEEE 로봇과 자동화 국제대회)

Learning Transformable and Plannable se(3) Features for Scene Imitation of a Mobile Service Robot (J. hyeon Park, Jigang Kim, Youngseok Jang, Inkyu Jang, H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Integrated Motion Planner for Real-time Aerial Videography with a Drone in a Dense Environment (Boseong Jeon, H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Real-time Optimal Trajectory Generation and Control of a Multi-rotor with a Suspended Load for Obstacle Avoidance (Clark Youngdong Son, Hoseong Seo, Dohyun Jang, H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Aerial Manipulation using Model Predictive Control for Opening a Hinged Door (Dongjae Lee, Hoseong Seo, Dabin Kim, H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Trajectory Planning with Safety Guaranty for a Multirotor based on the Forward and Backward Reachability Analysis (Hoseong Seo, Clark Youngdong Son, Dongjae Lee, H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Moving object detection for visual odometry in a dynamic environment based on occlusion accumulation (Haram Kim, Pyojin Kim, H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Efficient Multi-Agent Trajectory Planning with Feasibility Guarantee using Relative Bernstein Polynomial (Jungwon Park, Junha Kim, Inkyu Jang, H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀

Distributed Rotor-Based Vibration Suppression for Flexible Object Transport and Manipulation (H. Yang, M. S. Kim and D. J. Lee) #이동준 교수팀