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Robotics and AI Seminar Series
서울대학교 AI 연구원 로봇 및 인공지능 선도·혁신 연구센터(센터장: 박종우 교수)의 Robotics and AI Seminar Series에 초대합니다.
주제: LG's Next Generation Service Robots in Real-World Environments
연사: Dr. Seungmin Baek (Executive Director, Head of Advanced robotics lab., LG Electronics)
일정: 2021.11. 11.(목) 16:30~18:00
WEBEX 접속:   https://lgehq.webex.com/lgehq/e.php?MTID=m9e3b894ad885982905e1a7ff3ad43897 (비밀번호 123456)
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To assist and support people in commercial spaces, LG Electronics has so far implemented customized robot technologies in diverse roles for trial runs including at airports, bakeries, hotels and restaurants, able to go through numerous verification procedures for different industries. Currently, LG Electronics has commercialized a total of six robots under the CLOi brand stands for clever, clear, close operating intelligence: information bots, home bots, chef bots, barista bots and two different versions of serve bots. And we are trying to expand service areas of robots not only inside building, but also outdoor environment such as road, park, campus and etc. In this talk, I will introduce some of recent LG’s robots and technologies for Door-to-Door delivery service.
Dr. Seungmin Baek
`LG전자 로봇선행연구소장(상무) (2019~현재)
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