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In a world of accelerating digitalization and disruption, Salzburg Global Seminar’s 2023 Corporate Governance Forum will explore the complex geopolitical considerations and risks posed by AI and whether corporations should (or must) adopt artificial intelligence (AI) approaches in their corporate oversight functions and in their business operations, internal governance and management of human capital. Participants in the Forum will address the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence for corporate governance, what this means for the future of work following the pandemic, AI’s role in, and impact (if any) on, ESG, stakeholder governance and corporate purpose, and lessons learned from other examples of disruptive technological change and accompanying societal developments, including their effect on corporate governance, oversight, and risk management.

While AI clearly presents an opportunity to improve corporate decision-making, operations, oversight, sustainability and reporting, will the widespread use of AI increase vulnerability to cyberattacks and instability, reinforce discrimination and biases, and risk losing control of privacy and critical corporate assets? What can be learned from companies that have rushed to invest in AI capabilities before they are prepared to use them effectively? What might be learned from previous examples of rapid technological and social disruption and the risks, opportunities, and potential impact on board duties and the delivery of corporate and social value?

In addition to the technological and operational challenges posed by AI, corporations around the world are facing difficult and complicated strategic questions about the geopolitical, infrastructure, and cyber risks posed by AI and the potential long-term risks of the “decoupling” and “regionalization” of digital infrastructure.


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