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PAKDD 2024 (Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mi…

Accurate Semi-supervised Automatic Speech Recognition via Multi-hypotheses-based Curriculum Learning
Junghun Kim, Ka Hyun Park, and U Kang #강유 교수팀 

EMNLP 2023 (자연어처리에서의 경험적 방법론 학회)

mRedditSum: A Multimodal Abstractive Summarization Dataset of Reddit Threads with Images (Keighley Overbay, Jaewoo Ahn, Fatemeh Pesaran, Joonsuk Park and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

SODA: Million-scale Dialogue Distillation with Social Commonsense Contextualization (Hyunwoo Kim, Jack Hessel, Liwei Jiang, Peter West, Ximing Lu, Youngjae Yu, Pei Zhou, Ronan Le Bras, Malihe Alikhani, Gunhee Kim, Maarten Sap and Yejin Choi) #김건희 교수팀 

FANToM: A Benchmark for Stress-testing Machine Theory of Mind in Interactions (Hyunwoo Kim, Melanie Sclar, Xuhui Zhou, Ronan Le Bras, Gunhee Kim, Yejin Choi and Maarten Sap) #김건희 교수팀 

Can Language Models Laugh at YouTube Short-form Videos? (Dayoon Ko, Sangho Lee and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

Universal Domain Adaptation for Robust Handling of Distributional Shifts in NLP (Hyuhng Joon Kim, Hyunsoo Cho, Sang-Woo Lee, Junyeob Kim, Choonghyun Park, Sang-goo Lee, Kang Min Yoo, Taeuk Kim) #이상구 교수팀 

Meta-Learning of Prompt Generation for Lightweight Prompt Engineering on Language-Model-as-a-Service (Hyeonmin Ha, Jihye Lee, Wookje Han, Byung-Gon Chun) #전병곤 교수팀 

DPP-TTS: Diversifying prosodic features of speech via determinantal point processes (Seongho Joo, Hyukhun Koh, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Weakly Supervised Semantic Parsing with Execution-based Spurious Program Filtering (Kang-il Lee, Segwang Kim, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Target-Agnostic Gender-Aware Contrastive Learning for Mitigating Bias in Multilingual Machine Translation (Minwoo Lee, Hyukhun Koh, Kang-il Lee, Dongdong Zhang, Minsung Kim, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Dialogizer: Context-aware Conversational-QA Dataset Generation from Textual Sources (Yerin Hwang*, Yongil Kim*, Hyunkyung Bae, Hwanhee Lee, Jeesoo Bang, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Asking Clarification Questions to Handle Ambiguity in Open-Domain QA (Dongryeol Lee*, Segwang Kim*, Minwoo Lee, Hwanhee Lee, Joonsuk Park, Sang-woo Lee, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

PR-MCS: Perturbation Robust Metric for MultiLingual Image Captioning (Yongil Kim, Yerin Hwang, Hyeongu Yun, Seunghyun Yoon, Trung Bui, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

CR-COPEC: Causal Rationale of Corporate Performance Changes to Learn from Financial Reports (Ye Eun Chun, Sunjae Kwon, Kyunghwan Sohn, Nakwon Sung, Junyoup Lee, Byungki Seo, Kevin Compher, Seung-won Hwang, Jaesik Choi) #황승원 교수팀 

Consistency is Key: On Data-Efficient Modality Transfer in Speech Translation (Hojin Lee, Changmin Lee, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Multilingual Lottery Tickets to Pretrain Language Models (Jaeseong Lee, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Learning to Rank Generation with Pairwise Partial Rewards (Youngwon Lee, Jinu Lee, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Intervention-Based Alignment of Code Search with Execution Feedback (Hojae Han, Minsoo Kim, Seung-won Hwang, Nan Duan, Shuai Lu) #황승원 교수팀 

On Sample-Efficient Code Generation (Hojae Han, Yu Jin Kim, Byoungjip Kim, Youngwon Lee, Kyungjae Lee, Kyungmin Lee, Moontae Lee, Kyunghoon Bae, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Relevance-assisted Generation for Robust Zero-shot Retrieval (Jihyuk Kim, Minsoo Kim, Joonsuk Park, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

ACL 2023 (컴퓨터 언어학회)

Robust Multi-bit Natural Language Watermarking through Invariant Features (KiYoon Yoo, Wonhyuk Ahn, Jiho Jang and Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀 

MPCHAT: Towards Multimodal Persona-Grounded Conversation (Jaewoo Ahn, Yeda Song, Sangdoo Yun and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

Recursion of Thought: A Divide-and-Conquer Approach to Multi-Context Reasoning with Language Models (Soochan Lee and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

Clinical Note Owns its Hierarchy: Multi-Level Hypergraph Neural Networks for Patient-Level Representation Learning (Nayeon Kim, Yinhua Piao and Sun Kim) #김선 교수팀 

Query-Efficient Black-Box Red Teaming via Bayesian Optimization (Deokjae Lee, JunYeong Lee, Jung-Woo Ha, Jin-Hwa Kim, Sang-Woo Lee, Hwaran Lee and Hyun Oh Song ) #송현오 교수팀 

Large-scale Lifelong Learning of In-context Instructions and How to Tackle It (Jisoo Mok, Jaeyoung Do, Sungjin Lee, Tara Taghavi, Seunghak Yu and Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

Model Intrinsic Features of Fine-tuning based Text Summarization Models for Factual Consistency (Jongyoon Song, Nohil Park, Bongkyu Hwang, Jaewoong Yun, Seongho Joe, Youngjune Gwon and Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

CELDA: Leveraging Black-box Language Model as Enhanced Classifier without Labels (Hyunsoo Cho, Youna Kim and Sang-goo Lee) #이상구 교수팀 

BREAK: Breaking the Dialogue State Tracking Barrier with Beam Search and Re-ranking (Seungpil Won, Heeyoung Kwak, Joongbo Shin, Janghoon Han and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Critic-Guided Decoding for Controlled Text Generation (Minbeom Kim, Hwanhee Lee, Kang Min Yoo, Joonsuk Park, Hwaran Lee and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Injecting Comparison Skills in Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems for Database Search Results Disambiguation (Yongil Kim, Yerin Hwang, Joongbo Shin, Hyunkyung Bae and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

On Complementarity Objectives for Hybrid Retrieval (Dohyeon Lee, Seung-won Hwang, Kyungjae Lee, Seungtaek Choi and Sunghyun Park) #황승원 교수팀 

When to Read Documents or QA History: On Unified and Selective Open-domain QA (Kyungjae Lee, Sang-eun Han, Seung-won Hwang and Moontae Lee) #황승원 교수팀 

Retrieval-augmented Video Encoding for Instructional Captioning (Yeonjoon Jung, Minsoo Kim, Seungtaek Choi, Jihyuk Kim, Minji Seo and Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Two Examples are Better than One: Context Regularization for Gradient-based Prompt Tuning (Hyeonmin Ha, SOYOUNG JUNG, Jinsol Park, Minjoon Seo, Seung-won Hwang and Byung-Gon Chun) #전병곤 교수팀

EMNLP 2022 (자연어처리에서의 경험적 방법론 학회)

Backdoor Attacks in Federated Learning by Rare Embeddings and Gradient Ensembling (KiYoon Yoo and Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀 

ProsocialDialog: A Prosocial Backbone for Conversational Agents (Hyunwoo Kim, Youngjae Yu, Liwei Jiang, Ximing Lu, Daniel Khashabi, Gunhee Kim, Yejin Choi and Maarten Sap) #김건희 교수팀 

Enhancing Out-of-Distribution Detection in Natural Language Understanding via Implicit Layer Ensemble (Hyunsoo Cho, Choonghyun Park, Jaewook Kang, Kang Min Yoo, Taeuk Kim, Sang-goo Lee) #이상구 교수팀 

Ground-Truth Labels Matter: A Deeper Look into Input-Label Demonstrations (Jun Yeob Kim, Hyuhng Joon Kim, Hyunsoo Cho, Hwiyeol Jo, Sang-Woo Lee, Sang-goo Lee, Kang Min Yoo, Taeuk Kim) #이상구 교수팀

PLM-based World Models for Text-based Games (Minsoo Kim, Yeonjoon Jung, Dohyeon Lee and Seung-won Hwan) #황승원 교수팀 

Normalizing Mutual Information for Robust Adaptive Training for Translation (Youngwon Lee, Changmin Lee, Hojin Lee and Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Towards Compositional Generalization in Code Search (Hojae Han, Seung-won Hwang, Shuai Lu, Nan Duan and Seungtaek Cho) #황승원 교수팀 

Pseudo-Relevance for Enhancing Document Representation (Jihyuk Kim, Seung-won Hwang, Seoho Song, Hyeseon Ko and Young-In Song) #황승원 교수팀

BotsTalk: Machine-sourced Framework for Automatic Curation of Large-scale Multi-skill Dialogue Datasets (Minju Kim, Chae Hyeong Kim, Yong Ho Song, Seung-won Hwang and Jinyoung Yeo) #황승원 교수팀 

ACL 2022 (컴퓨터 언어학회)

EPT-X: An Expression-Pointer Transformer model that generates eXplanations for numbers #권가진 교수팀 

Backdoor Attacks in Federated Learning by Poisoned Word Embeddings (KiYoon Yoo, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀

Detection of Word Adversarial Examples in Text Classification: Benchmark and Baseline via Robust Density Estimation (KiYoon Yoo, Jangho Kim, Jiho Jang, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀

Hypergraph Transformer: Weakly-Supervised Multi-hop Reasoning for Knowledge-based Visual Question Answering (Yu-Jung Heo, Eun-Sol Kim, Woo Suk Choi, and Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀 

Rare Tokens Degenerate All Tokens: Improving Neural Text Generation via Adaptive Gradient Gating for Rare Token Embeddings (Sangwon Yu, Jongyoon Song, Heeseung Kim, Seongmin Lee, Woo-Jong Ryu, and Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀

Debiasing Event Understanding for Visual Commonsense Tasks (Minji Seo, YeonJoon Jung, Seungtaek Choi, seung-won hwang, and Bei Liu) #황승원 교수팀 

ReACC: A Retrieval-Augmented Code Completion Framework (Shuai Lu, Nan Duan, Hojae Han, Daya Guo, seung-won hwang, and Alexey Svyatkovskiy) #황승원 교수팀 

Plug-and-Play Adaptation for Continuously-updated QA (Kyungjae Lee, Wookje Han, seung-won hwang, Hwaran Lee, Joonsuk Park, and Sang-Woo Lee) #황승원 교수팀

EMNLP 2021 (자연어처리에서의 경험적 방법론 학회)

(Oral) AligNART: Non-autoregressive Neural Machine Translation by Jointly Learning to Estimate Alignment and Translate (Jongyoon Song, Sungwon Kim, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀

Perspective-taking and Pragmatics for Generating Empathetic Responses Focused on Emotion Causes (Hyunwoo Kim, Byeongchang Kim, and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

Reasoning Visual Dialog with Sparse Graph Learning and Knowledge Transfer (Gi-Cheon Kang, Junseok Park, Hwaran Lee, Byoung-Tak Zhang, and Jin-Hwa Kim) #장병탁 교수팀 

QACE: Asking Questions to Evaluate an Image Caption (Hwanhee Lee, Thomas Scialom, Seunghyun Yoon, Franck Dernoncourt, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Structure-Augmented Keyphrase Generation (Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수

NAACL 2021 (북미 컴퓨터언어학회)

How Robust are Fact Checking Systems on Colloquial Claims? (Byeongchang Kim, Hyunwoo Kim, Seokhee Hong and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

KPQA: A Metric for Generative Question Answering Using Keyphrase Weights (Hwanhee Lee, Seunghyun Yoon, Franck Dernoncourt, Doo Soon Kim, Trung Bui, Joongbo Shin and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

ACL - IJCNLP 2021 (컴퓨터 언어학회 및 국제자연어처리학회)

Self-guided Contrastive Learning for BERT Sentence Representation (Taeuk Kim, Kangmin Yoo, and Sang-goo Lee) #이상구 교수팀

Attend What You Need: Motion-Appearance Synergistic Networks for Video Question Answering (Ahjeong Seo, Gi-Cheon Kang, Junhan Park, and Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀

UMIC: An Unreferenced Metric for Image Captioning via Contrastive Learning (Hwanhee Lee, Seunghyun Yoon, Franck Dernoncourt, Trung Bui, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Robustifying Multi-hop QA through Pseudo-Evidentiality Training (Kyungjae Lee, Seung-won Hwang, Sang-eun Han and Dohyeon Lee) #황승원 교수팀

ICASSP 2021 (음성·신호처리학회)

Prototype-Based Personalized Pruning (Jangho Kim, Simyung Chang, Sungrack Yun, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀

Gradual Federated Learning Using Simulated Annealing (Luong Trung Nguyen, Byonghyo Shim) #심병효 교수팀

Real-Time Denoising and Dereverberation With Tiny Recurrent U-Net (Hyeong-Seok Choi, Sungjin Park, Jie Hwan Lee, Hoon Heo, Dongsuk Kyogu Lee) #이교구 교수팀

Room adaptive conditioning method for sound event classification in reverberant environments (Jaejun Lee, Donmoon Lee, Hyeong-Seok Choi, Kyogu Lee) #이교구 교수팀

Reverb Conversion of Mixed Vocal Tracks Using an End-to End Convolutional Deep Neural Network (Junghyun Koo, Seungryeol Paik, Kyogu Lee) #이교구 교수팀

Elf-Attentive VAD: Context-Aware Detection of Voice From Noise (Yong Rae Jo, Young Ki Moon, Won Ik Cho, Geun Sik Jo) 

EMNLP 2020 (자연어처리에서의 경험적 방법론 학회)

Will I Sound Like Me? Improving Persona Consistency in Dialogues through Pragmatic Self-Consciousness (Hyunwoo Kim, Byeongchang Kim and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

Point to the Expression: Solving Algebraic Word Problems using the Expression-Pointer Transformer Model (Bugeun Kim, Kyung Seo Ki, Donggeon Lee and Gahgene Gweon) #권가진 교수팀

Interpretation of NLP models through input marginalization (Siwon Kim, Jihun Yi, Eunji Kim and Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀

Variational Hierarchical Dialog Autoencoder for Dialog State Tracking Data Augmentation (Kang Min Yoo, Hanbit Lee, Franck Dernoncourt, Trung Bui, Walter Chang, Sang-goo Lee) #이상구 교수팀

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ICASSP 2020 (음성·신호처리학회)

(Oral) Attentive Modality Hopping Mechanism for Speech Emotion Recognition (Seunghyun Yoon, Subhadeep Dey, Hwanhee Lee, Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Deep Neural Network Based Matrix Completion for Internet of Things Network Localization (Sunwoo Kim, Luong Trung Nguyen, and Byonghyo Shim) #심병효 교수팀

Disentangling Timbre and Singing Style with Multi-Singer Singing Synthesis System (Juheon Lee, Hyeong-Seok Choi, Junghyun Koo, Kyogu Lee) #이교구 교수팀

Automotive Radar Signal Interference Mitigation Using RNN with Self Attention (Jiwoo Mun, Seokhyeon Ha, and Jungwoo Lee) #이정우 교수팀

Label Propagation Adaptive Resonance Theory for Semi-Supervised Continuous Learning (Taehyeong Kim, Injune Hwang, Gi-Cheon Kang, Won-Seok Choi, Hyunseo Kim, Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀

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Robust Text-Dependent Speaker Verification via Character-Level Information Preservation for the SdSV Challenge 2020 (Sung Hwan Mun, Woo Hyun Kang, Min Hyun Han and Nam Soo Kim) #김남수 교수팀

Speech to Text Adaptation: Towards an Efficient Cross-Modal Distillation (Won Ik Cho, Donghyun Kwak, Jiwon Yoon and Nam Soo Kim) #김남수 교수팀

Reformer-TTS: Neural Speech Synthesis with Reformer Network (Hyeongrae Ihm, Joun Yeop Lee, Byoung Jin Choi, Sung Jun Cheon and Nam Soo Kim) #김남수 교수팀

Effect of Adding Positional Information on Convolutional Neural Networks for End-to-End Speech Recognition (Jinhwan Park and Wonyong Sung) #성원용 교수팀

Exploiting Multi-Modal Features From Pre-trained Networks for Alzheimer’s Dementia Recognition (Junghyun Koo, Jie Hwan Lee, Jaewoo Pyo, Yujin Jo and Kyogu Lee) #이교구 교수팀

Multimodal Speech Emotion Recognition using Cross Attention with Aligned Audio and Text (Yoonhyung Lee, Seunghyun Yoon and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Dysarthria Detection and Severity Assessment using Rhythm-Based Metrics (Abner Hernandez, Eun Jung Yeo, Sunhee Kim and Minhwa Chung) #정민화 교수팀

Cotatron: Transcription-Guided Speech Encoder for Any-to-Many Voice Conversion without Parallel Data (Seung-won Park(Seoul National University, MINDsLab Inc.), Doo-young Kim(Seoul National University, MINDsLab Inc.) and Myun-chul Joe(MINDsLab Inc.))

LREC 2020 (언어 자원 및 평가에 관한 국제 회의)

Propagate-Selector: Detecting Supporting Sentences for Question Answering via Graph Neural Networks (Seunghyun Yoon, Franck Dernoncourt, Doo Soon Kim, Trung Bui, Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

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EMNLP 2019 (자연어처리에서의 경험적 방법론 학회)

Don’t Just Scratch the Surface: Enhancing Word Representations for Korean with Hanja (Kang Min Yoo, Taeuk Kim and Sang-goo Lee) #이상구 교수팀

Dual Attention Networks for Visual Reference Resolution in Visual Dialog (Gi-Cheon Kang, Jaeseo Lim, Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀

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ACL - IJCNLP 2019 (컴퓨터 언어학회 및 국제자연어처리학회)

Textbook Question Answering with Multi-modal Context Graph Understanding and Self-supervised Open-set Comprehension (Daesik Kim, Seonhoon Kim and Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀

A Cross-Sentence Latent Variable Model for Semi-Supervised Text Sequence Matching (Jihun Choi, Taeuk Kim, Sang-goo Lee) #이상구 교수팀

CoDraw: Collaborative drawing as a testbed for grounded goal-driven communication (Jin-Hwa Kim, Nikita Kitaev, Xinlei Chen, Marcus Rohrbach, Byoung-Tak Zhang, Yuandong Tian, Dhruv Batra, Devi Parikh) #장병탁 교수팀

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