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ICLR 2024 (International Conference on Learning Representations), Vien…

Accurate Retraining-free Pruning for Pretrained Encoder-based Language Models
Seungcheol Park, Hojun Choi, and U Kang # 강유 교수팀 

The Web Conference (WWW), 2024, Singapore.

Accurate Cold-start Bundle Recommendation via Popularity-based Coalescence and Curriculum Heating
Hyunsik Jeon, Jong-eun Lee, Jeongin Yun, and U Kang # 강유 교수팀 

PAKDD 2024 (Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mi…

Accurate Semi-supervised Automatic Speech Recognition via Multi-hypotheses-based Curriculum Learning
Junghun Kim, Ka Hyun Park, and U Kang #강유 교수팀 

EMNLP 2023 (자연어처리에서의 경험적 방법론 학회)

mRedditSum: A Multimodal Abstractive Summarization Dataset of Reddit Threads with Images (Keighley Overbay, Jaewoo Ahn, Fatemeh Pesaran, Joonsuk Park and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

SODA: Million-scale Dialogue Distillation with Social Commonsense Contextualization (Hyunwoo Kim, Jack Hessel, Liwei Jiang, Peter West, Ximing Lu, Youngjae Yu, Pei Zhou, Ronan Le Bras, Malihe Alikhani, Gunhee Kim, Maarten Sap and Yejin Choi) #김건희 교수팀 

FANToM: A Benchmark for Stress-testing Machine Theory of Mind in Interactions (Hyunwoo Kim, Melanie Sclar, Xuhui Zhou, Ronan Le Bras, Gunhee Kim, Yejin Choi and Maarten Sap) #김건희 교수팀 

Can Language Models Laugh at YouTube Short-form Videos? (Dayoon Ko, Sangho Lee and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

Universal Domain Adaptation for Robust Handling of Distributional Shifts in NLP (Hyuhng Joon Kim, Hyunsoo Cho, Sang-Woo Lee, Junyeob Kim, Choonghyun Park, Sang-goo Lee, Kang Min Yoo, Taeuk Kim) #이상구 교수팀 

Meta-Learning of Prompt Generation for Lightweight Prompt Engineering on Language-Model-as-a-Service (Hyeonmin Ha, Jihye Lee, Wookje Han, Byung-Gon Chun) #전병곤 교수팀 

DPP-TTS: Diversifying prosodic features of speech via determinantal point processes (Seongho Joo, Hyukhun Koh, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Weakly Supervised Semantic Parsing with Execution-based Spurious Program Filtering (Kang-il Lee, Segwang Kim, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Target-Agnostic Gender-Aware Contrastive Learning for Mitigating Bias in Multilingual Machine Translation (Minwoo Lee, Hyukhun Koh, Kang-il Lee, Dongdong Zhang, Minsung Kim, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Dialogizer: Context-aware Conversational-QA Dataset Generation from Textual Sources (Yerin Hwang*, Yongil Kim*, Hyunkyung Bae, Hwanhee Lee, Jeesoo Bang, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Asking Clarification Questions to Handle Ambiguity in Open-Domain QA (Dongryeol Lee*, Segwang Kim*, Minwoo Lee, Hwanhee Lee, Joonsuk Park, Sang-woo Lee, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

PR-MCS: Perturbation Robust Metric for MultiLingual Image Captioning (Yongil Kim, Yerin Hwang, Hyeongu Yun, Seunghyun Yoon, Trung Bui, and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

CR-COPEC: Causal Rationale of Corporate Performance Changes to Learn from Financial Reports (Ye Eun Chun, Sunjae Kwon, Kyunghwan Sohn, Nakwon Sung, Junyoup Lee, Byungki Seo, Kevin Compher, Seung-won Hwang, Jaesik Choi) #황승원 교수팀 

Consistency is Key: On Data-Efficient Modality Transfer in Speech Translation (Hojin Lee, Changmin Lee, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Multilingual Lottery Tickets to Pretrain Language Models (Jaeseong Lee, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Learning to Rank Generation with Pairwise Partial Rewards (Youngwon Lee, Jinu Lee, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Intervention-Based Alignment of Code Search with Execution Feedback (Hojae Han, Minsoo Kim, Seung-won Hwang, Nan Duan, Shuai Lu) #황승원 교수팀 

On Sample-Efficient Code Generation (Hojae Han, Yu Jin Kim, Byoungjip Kim, Youngwon Lee, Kyungjae Lee, Kyungmin Lee, Moontae Lee, Kyunghoon Bae, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Relevance-assisted Generation for Robust Zero-shot Retrieval (Jihyuk Kim, Minsoo Kim, Joonsuk Park, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

NeurIPS 2023 (신경정보처리시스템학회)

SHOT: Suppressing the Hessian along the Optimization Trajectory for Gradient-Based Meta-Learning (JunHoo Lee, Jayeon Yoo, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀

ConcatPlexer : Additional Dim1 Batching for Faster ViTs (Donghoon Han, Seunghyeon Seo, Donghyeon Jeon, Jiho Jang, Chaerin Kong, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀 

Recasting Continual Learning as Sequence Modeling (Soochan Lee, Jaehyeon Son and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀

Diversify & Conquer: Outcome-directed Curriculum RL via Out-of-Distribution Disagreement (Daesol Cho, Seungjae Lee, and H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀 

CQM: Curriculum Reinforcement Learning with a Quantized World Model (Seungjae Lee, Daesol Cho, Jonghae Park, and H. Jin Kim) #김현진 교수팀 

Boosting Learning for LDPC Codes to Improve the Error-Floor Performance (Hee-Youl Kwak, Dae-Young Yun, Yongjune Kim, Sang-Hyo Kim, and Jong-Seon No) #노종선 교수팀 

SwiFT: Swin 4D fMRI Transformer (Peter Yongho Kim, Junbeom Kwon, Sunghwan Joo, Sangyoon Bae, Donggyu Lee, Yoonho Jung, Shinjae Yoo, Jiook Cha, and Taesup Moon) #문태섭 교수팀 

Energy-Based Models for Anomaly Detection: A Manifold Diffusion Recovery Approach (Sangwoong Yoon, Young-Uk Jin, Yung-Kyun Noh, and Frank C. Park) #박종우 교수팀 

Variational Weighting for Kernel Density Ratios (Sangwoong Yoon, Frank C. Park, Gunsu YUN, Iljung Kim, and Yung-Kyun Noh) #박종우 교수팀 

Direct Preference-based Policy Optimization without Reward Modeling (Gaon An*, Junhyeok Lee*, Xingdong Zuo, Norio Kosaka, Kyung-Min Kim, Hyun Oh Song) #송현오 교수팀 

Neural Relation Graph: A Unified Framework for Identifying Label Noise and Outlier Data (Jang-Hyun Kim, Sangdoo Yun, Hyun Oh Song) #송현오 교수팀 

Discovering Hierarchical Achievements in Reinforcement Learning via Contrastive Learning (Seungyong Moon, Junyoung Yeom, Bumsoo Park, Hyun Oh Song) #송현오 교수팀 

ProPILE: Probing Privacy Leakage in Large Language Models (Siwon Kim, Sangdoo Yun, Hwaran Lee, Martin Gubri, Sungroh Yoon, Seong Joon Oh) #윤성로 교수팀 

PUCA: Patch-Unshuffle and Channel Attention for Enhanced Self-Supervised Image Denoising (Hyemi Jang, Junsung Park, Dahuin Jung, Jaihyun Lew, Ho Bae, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

On the Powerfulness of Textual Outliers for Visual OoD Detection (Sangha Park, Jisoo Mok, Dahuin Jung, Saehyung Lee, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

CLeAR: Continual Learning on Algorithmic Reasoning for Human-like Intelligence (Bong Gyun Kang, HyunGi Kim, Dahuin Jung, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

P-Flow: A Fast and Data-Efficient Zero-Shot TTS through Speech Prompting (Sungwon Kim, Kevin J. Shih, Rohan Badlani, Joao Felipe Santos, Evelina Bakhturina, Mikyas T. Desta, Rafael Valle, Sungroh Yoon, Bryan Catanzaro) #윤성로 교수팀 

Conditional Score Guidance for Text-Driven Image-to-Image Translation (Hyunsoo Lee*, Minsoo Kang*, and Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀 

Generative Neural Fields by Mixtures of Neural Implicit Functions (Tackgeun You, Jungtaek Kim, Mijeong Kim, and Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀 

Beyond Pretrained Features: Noisy Image Modeling Provides Adversarial Defense (Zunzhi You, Daochang Liu, Bohyung Han, and Chang Xu) #한보형 교수팀 

SPQR: Controlling Q-ensemble Independence for Reinforcement Learning (Dohyeok Lee, Seungyub Han, Taehyun Cho, and Jungwoo Lee) #이정우 교수팀 

Pitfall of Optimism: Distributional Reinforcement Learning by Randomizing Risk Criterion (Taehyun Cho, Seungyub Han, Heesoo Lee, Kyungjae Lee, and Jungwoo Lee) #이정우 교수팀 

MEMTO: Memory-guided Transformer for Multivariate Time Series Anomaly Detection (Junho Song, Keonwoo Kim, Jeonglyul Oh, Sungzoon Cho) #조성준 교수팀

ICCV 2023 (국제컴퓨터비전학회)

Fast and Accurate Transferability Measurement by Evaluating Intra-class Feature Variance (Huiwen Xu, U Kang) #강유 교수팀 

FlipNeRF: Flipped Reflection Rays for Few-shot Novel View Synthesis (Seunghyeon Seo, Yeonjin Chang, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀 

EP2P-Loc: End-to-End 3D Point to 2D Pixel Localization for Large-Scale Visual Localization (Minjung Kim, Junseo Koo, Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

Dense 2D-3D Indoor Prediction with Sound via Aligned Cross-Modal Distillation (Heeseung Yun, Joonil Na, Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

Cyclic Test-Time Adaptation on Monocular Video for 3D Human Mesh Reconstruction (Hyeongjin Nam, Daniel Sungho Jung, Yeonguk Oh, Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀 

Content-Aware Local GAN for Photo-Realistic Super-Resolution (JoonKyu Park, Sanghyun Son, Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀 

Human Part-wise 3D Motion Context Learning for Sign Language Recognition (Taeryung Lee, Yeonguk Oh, Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀 

ExBluRF: Efficient Radiance Fields for Extreme Motion Blurred Images (Dongwoo Lee, Jeongtaek Oh, Jaesung Rim, Sunghyun Cho, Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀 

Neural Collage Transfer: Artistic Reconstruction via Material Manipulation (Ganghun Lee, Minji Kim, Yunsu Lee, Minsu Lee, Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀 

Chupa: Carving 3D Clothed Humans from Skinned Shape Priors using 2D Diffusion Probabilistic Models (Byungjun Kim, Patrick Kwon, Kwangho Lee, Myunggi Lee, Sookwan Han, Daesik Kim, Hanbyul Joo) #주한별 교수팀 

Locomotion-Action-Manipulation: Synthesizing Human-Scene Interactions in Complex 3D Environments (Jiye Lee, Hanbyul Joo) #주한별 교수팀 

NCHO: Unsupervised Learning for Neural 3D Composition of Humans and Objects (Taeksoo Kim, Shunsuke Saito, Hanbyul Joo) #주한별 교수팀 

CHORUS : Learning Canonicalized 3D Human-Object Spatial Relations from Unbounded Synthesized Images (Sookwan Han, Hanbyul Joo) #주한별 교수팀 

(poster)End-to-End Multi-Object Detection with a Regularized Mixture Model (Jaeyoung Yoo · Hojun Lee · Seunghyeon Seo · Inseop Chung · NOJUN KWAK) #곽노준 교수팀 

(poster) Accelerated Infeasibility Detection of Constrained Optimization and Fixed-Point Iterations (Jisun Park, Ernest Ryu) #류경석 교수팀 

ICML 2023 (국제머신러닝학회)

(poster) End-to-End Multi-Object Detection with a Regularized Mixture Model (Jaeyoung Yoo · Hojun Lee · Seunghyeon Seo · Inseop Chung · NOJUN KWAK) #곽노준 교수팀 

(poster) Accelerated Infeasibility Detection of Constrained Optimization and Fixed-Point Iterations (Jisun Park, Ernest Ryu) #류경석 교수팀 

(poster) Rotation and Translation Invariant Representation Learning with Implicit Neural Representations (Sehyun Kwon, Joo Young Choi, Ernest Ryu) #류경석 교수팀 

(poster) Long-Tailed Recognition by Mutual Information Maximization between Latent Features and Ground-Truth Labels (Min-Kook Suh, Seung-Woo Seo) #서승우 교수팀 

(poster) Unsupervised Skill Discovery for Learning Shared Structures across Changing Environments (Sang-Hyun Lee, Seung-Woo Seo) #서승우 교수팀 

(poster) Efficient Latency-Aware CNN Depth Compression via Two-Stage Dynamic Programming (Jinuk Kim, Yeonwoo Jeong, Deokjae Lee, Hyun Oh Song) #송현오 교수팀 

(poster) Improving Visual Prompt Tuning for Self-supervised Vision Transformers (Seungryong Yoo, Eunji Kim, Dahuin Jung, JUNGBEOM LEE, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

(poster) Probabilistic Concept Bottleneck Models (Eunji Kim, Dahuin Jung, Sangha Park, Siwon Kim, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

(poster) On the Impact of Knowledge Distillation for Model Interpretability (Hyeongrok Han, Siwon Kim, Hyun-Soo Choi, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

(poster) Implicit Jacobian regularization weighted with impurity of probability output ( Sungyoon Lee · Jinseong Park · Jaewook Lee) #이재욱 교수팀

(poster) Differentially Private Sharpness-Aware Training (Jinseong Park, Hoki Kim, Yujin Choi, Jaewook Lee) #이재욱 교수팀 

(poster) BPipe: Memory-Balanced Pipeline Parallelism for Training Large Language Models (Taebum Kim, Hyoungjoo Kim, Gyeong-In Yu, Byung-Gon Chun) #전병곤 교수팀

Combinatorial Neural Bandits (Taehyun Hwang, Kyuwook Chai, Min-hwan Oh) #오민환 교수팀 

Model-based Offline Reinforcement Learning with Count-based Conservatism (Byeongchan Kim, Min-hwan Oh) #오민환 교수팀

Semi-Parametric Contextual Pricing Algorithm using Cox Proportional Hazards Model (Young-Geun Choi, Gi-Soo Kim, Yunseo Choi, Wooseong Cho, Myunghee Cho Paik, Min-hwan Oh) #오민환 교수, 조명희 교수팀

ACL 2023 (컴퓨터 언어학회)

Robust Multi-bit Natural Language Watermarking through Invariant Features (KiYoon Yoo, Wonhyuk Ahn, Jiho Jang and Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀 

MPCHAT: Towards Multimodal Persona-Grounded Conversation (Jaewoo Ahn, Yeda Song, Sangdoo Yun and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

Recursion of Thought: A Divide-and-Conquer Approach to Multi-Context Reasoning with Language Models (Soochan Lee and Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

Clinical Note Owns its Hierarchy: Multi-Level Hypergraph Neural Networks for Patient-Level Representation Learning (Nayeon Kim, Yinhua Piao and Sun Kim) #김선 교수팀 

Query-Efficient Black-Box Red Teaming via Bayesian Optimization (Deokjae Lee, JunYeong Lee, Jung-Woo Ha, Jin-Hwa Kim, Sang-Woo Lee, Hwaran Lee and Hyun Oh Song ) #송현오 교수팀 

Large-scale Lifelong Learning of In-context Instructions and How to Tackle It (Jisoo Mok, Jaeyoung Do, Sungjin Lee, Tara Taghavi, Seunghak Yu and Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

Model Intrinsic Features of Fine-tuning based Text Summarization Models for Factual Consistency (Jongyoon Song, Nohil Park, Bongkyu Hwang, Jaewoong Yun, Seongho Joe, Youngjune Gwon and Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

CELDA: Leveraging Black-box Language Model as Enhanced Classifier without Labels (Hyunsoo Cho, Youna Kim and Sang-goo Lee) #이상구 교수팀 

BREAK: Breaking the Dialogue State Tracking Barrier with Beam Search and Re-ranking (Seungpil Won, Heeyoung Kwak, Joongbo Shin, Janghoon Han and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Critic-Guided Decoding for Controlled Text Generation (Minbeom Kim, Hwanhee Lee, Kang Min Yoo, Joonsuk Park, Hwaran Lee and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀

Injecting Comparison Skills in Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems for Database Search Results Disambiguation (Yongil Kim, Yerin Hwang, Joongbo Shin, Hyunkyung Bae and Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

On Complementarity Objectives for Hybrid Retrieval (Dohyeon Lee, Seung-won Hwang, Kyungjae Lee, Seungtaek Choi and Sunghyun Park) #황승원 교수팀 

When to Read Documents or QA History: On Unified and Selective Open-domain QA (Kyungjae Lee, Sang-eun Han, Seung-won Hwang and Moontae Lee) #황승원 교수팀 

Retrieval-augmented Video Encoding for Instructional Captioning (Yeonjoon Jung, Minsoo Kim, Seungtaek Choi, Jihyuk Kim, Minji Seo and Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Two Examples are Better than One: Context Regularization for Gradient-based Prompt Tuning (Hyeonmin Ha, SOYOUNG JUNG, Jinsol Park, Minjoon Seo, Seung-won Hwang and Byung-Gon Chun) #전병곤 교수팀

ICLR 2023 (표현 학습 국제학회)

Recursion of Thought: Divide and Conquer Reasoning with Language Models (Soochan Lee, Gunhee Kim) #김건희 교수팀 

HyPHEN: A Hybrid Packing Method and Optimizations for Homomorphic Encryption-Based Neural Network (Jaiyoung Park, Donghwan Kim, Jung Ho Ahn) #안정호 교수팀 

SDAC: Efficient Safe Reinforcement Learning with Low-Biased Distributional Actor-Critic (Dohyeong Kim, Kyungjae Lee, Songhwai Oh) #오성회 교수팀 

Wasserstein Fair Autoencoders (Sungdong Lee, Hyunjong Lee, Joong-Ho Won) #원중호 교수팀 

AdaStride: Using Adaptive Strides in Sequential Data for Effective Downsampling (Yoonhyung Lee, Kyomin Jung) #정교민 교수팀 

Revisiting Group Robustness: Class-specific Scaling is All You Need (Seonguk Seo, Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀 

Communication-Efficient Federated Learning with Accelerated Client Gradient (Geeho Kim, Jinkyu Kim, Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀 

(poster) DepthFL : Depthwise Federated Learning for Heterogeneous Clients (Minjae Kim, Sangyoon Yu, Suhyun Kim, Soo-Mook Moon) #문수묵 교수팀 

(poster)Re-weighting Based Group Fairness Regularization via Classwise Robust Optimization (Sangwon Jung, Taeeon Park, Sanghyuk Chun, Taesup Moon) #문태섭 교수팀 

(poster) Geometrically regularized autoencoders for non-Euclidean data (Cheongjae Jang, Yonghyeon Lee, Yung-Kyun Noh, Frank C. Park) #박종우 교수팀 

(poster) New Insights for the Stability-Plasticity Dilemma in Online Continual Learning (Dahuin Jung, Dongjin Lee, Sunwon Hong, Hyemi Jang, Ho Bae, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

(poster) BigVGAN: A Universal Neural Vocoder with Large-Scale Training (Sang-gil Lee, Wei Ping, Boris Ginsburg, Bryan Catanzaro, Sungroh Yoon) #윤성로 교수팀 

(poster) Learning with Auxiliary Activation for Memory-Efficient Training (Sunghyeon Woo, Dongsuk Jeon) #전동석 교수팀 

(poster) Confidence-Based Feature Imputation for Graphs with Partially Known Features (Daeho Um, Jiwoong Park, Seulki Park, Jin young Choi) #최진영 교수팀 

KDD 2023 (데이터 마이닝 학회)

Fast and Accurate Dual-Way Streaming PARAFAC2 for Irregular Tensors - Algorithm and Application (Jun-Gi Jang, Jeongyoung Lee, Yongchan Park, and U Kang) #강유 교수팀

AAAI 2023 (국제인공지능학회)

Unifying Vision-Language Representation Space with Single-tower Transformer (Jiho Jang, Chaerin Kong, DongHyeon Jeon, Seonhoon Kim, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀 

Towards More Robust Interpretation via Local Gradient Alignment (Sunghwan Joo, SeokHyeon Jeong, Juyeon Heo, Adrian Weller, and Taesup Moon) #문태섭 교수팀 

Prompt-Augmented Linear Probing: Scaling Beyond The Limit of Few-shot In-Context Learners (Hyunsoo Cho, Hyuhng Joon Kim, Jun Yeob Kim, Sang-Woo Lee, Sang-goo Lee, Kang Min Yoo, Taeuk Kim) #이상구 교수팀 

Not All Neighbors Matter: Point Distribution-Aware Pruning for 3D Point Cloud (Yejin Lee, Donghyun Lee, JungUk Hong, Jae W. Lee, and Hongil Yoon) #이재욱 교수팀 

Overcoming Three Discrepancies for Low-Resource Language Specialization (Jaeseong Lee, Dohyeon Lee, Seung-won Hwang) #황승원 교수팀 

Long-Term 3D Human Motion Generation from Multiple Action Labels (Taeryung Lee, Gyeongsik Moon, Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀 

Diversified and Realistic 3D Augmentation via Iterative Construction, Random Placement, and HPR Occlusion (Jungwook Shin, Jaeill Kim, Kyungeun Lee, Hyunghun Cho, Wonjong Rhee) #이원종 교수팀

Model-based Reinforcement Learning with Multinomial Logistic Function Approximation (Taehyun Hwang, Min-hwan Oh) #오민환 교수팀

PAKDD 2023 (태평양-아시아 국제 지식발견 및 데이터마이닝 학술대회)

Aggregately Diversified Bundle Recommendation via Popularity Debiasing and Configuration-aware Reranking (Hyunsik Jeon, Jongjin Kim, Jaeri Lee, Jong-eun Lee, and U Kang) #강유 교수팀

Diversely Regularized Matrix Factorization for Accurate and Aggregately Diversified Recommendation (Jongjin Kim, Hyunsik Jeon, Jaeri Lee, and U Kang) #강유 교수팀 

CVPR 2023 (컴퓨터 비전과 패턴인식 학회)

The Dialog Must Go On: Improving Visual Dialog via Generative Self-Training (Gi-Cheon Kang, Sungdong Kim*, Jin-Hwa Kim*, Donghyun Kwak*, Byoung-Tak Zhang) #장병탁 교수팀

MixNeRF: Modeling a Ray with Mixture Density for Novel View Synthesis from Sparse Inputs (Seunghyeon Seo, Donghoon Han, Yeonjin Chang, Nojun Kwak) #곽노준 교수팀 

Fusing Pre-trained Language Models with Multimodal Prompts through Reinforcement Learning (Youngjae Yu*, Jiwan Chung*, Heeseung Yun, Jack Hessel (AI2), Jaesung Park (UW), Ximing Lu (UW), Prithviraj Ammanabrolu (AI2), Rowan Zellers (AI2), Ronan Le Bras (AI2), Gunhee Kim and Yejin Choi (UW, AI2)) #김건희 교수팀 

Rebalancing Batch Normalization for Exemplar-based Class-Incremental Learning (Sungmin Cha, Sungjun Cho, Dasol Hwang, Sunwon Hong, Moontae Lee, and Taesup Moon) #문태섭 교수팀 

ACL-SPC: Adaptive Closed-Loop system for Self-Supervised Point Cloud Completion (Sangmin Hong*, Mohsen Yavartanoo*, Reyhaneh Neshatavar, and Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀 

Recovering 3D Hand Mesh Sequence from a Single Blurry Image: A New Dataset and Temporal Unfolding (Yeonguk Oh*, Joonkyu Park*, Jaeha Kim*, Gyeongsik Moon, and Kyoung Mu Lee) #이경무 교수팀 

On the Stability-Plasticity Dilemma of Class-Incremental Learning (Dongwan Kim and Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀 

Multi-Modal Representation Learning with Text-Driven Soft Masks (Jaeyoo Park and Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀 

Open-Set Representation Learning through Combinatorial Embedding (Geeho Kim, Junoh Kang, and Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀 

Variational Distribution Learning for Unsupervised Text-to-Image Generation (Minsoo Kang, Doyup Lee, Jiseob Kim, Saehoon Kim, and Bohyung Han) #한보형 교수팀 

MobiSys 2022

Band: Coordinated Multi-DNN Inference on Heterogeneous Processors (Joo Seong Jeong, Jingyu Lee, Donghyun Kim, Changmin Jeon, Changjin Jeong, Youngki Lee, Byung-Gon Chun) #전병곤 교수팀 

OSDI 2022

Orca: A Distributed Serving System for Transformer-Based Generative Models (Gyeong-In Yu, Joo Seong Jeong, Geon-Woo Kim, Soojeong Kim, Byung-Gon Chun) #전병곤 교수팀